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The Estes Park marathon has been one on my bucket list.  We first went to Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) a couple of years ago, and last summer it was Jasper’s first mountain trip.  I decided doing a marathon here was a must do, as every direction has incredible mountain views.   Now a real Coloradan probably poo-poos Estes Park, as it is a little tourist town outside the National Park.  I like that is hasn’t gotten too big over the years, and while a little junky in places, it totally lacks pretension like Santa Fe, or Lake Tahoe.  It is also a very easy place to get to with a child.  Flying to Denver is a 2 hour direct flight and then another hour drive or so and you’re there.  Jasper also flies free just a little longer, so we knew this summer we needed to do the trip again.  Mike was gracious enough to agree to plan it around the marathon.

I started planning my training today.  Kind of ambitious for someone with a hacking cough and a big toenail with a giant blood blister under it.  But, in marathon terms, June is not far off.  So check out this elevation chart!!!   I looked up past results, and last year’s women’s winner came in right at 4 hours.  I am guessing that it may take me 4:30, but I really have no idea.  The men’s winner barely broke 3 hours.  This tells me this race is really a mini-ultra and I will need to treat it as such.  There will be no crowd support, so I may take an ipod on this on.  It will be a conservative first half for sure, because do you see that hill!?!

I pulled up my plan I used for the Frankenthon.  While I am intrigued by the Hanson’s plan I mention several posts back, that has shorter long runs and longer mid-week runs, I think traditional long runs will be the way to go for this one for a couple of reasons.  First off, I tried the Hanson plan  a little and it is very difficult for me to run longer runs before work.  I already get up at 430 most days, and 400 on the day I meet Mark.  Getting up at 400 everyday is just too much.   The other reason is that this run is going to take me a whole hour longer than a regular marathon (I am guessing).  I think time on my feet is beneficial.  Now I limit my long runs to 3 hours and will still do so, but I can cover a lot of distance in 3 hours.

I will also need more hill work than I currently do.  Austin is actually quite hilly, but all the hills are in west Austin and I live in east Austin.   I’ve got a  couple short but steep hills nearby that I will just have to repeat to death.

So I mapped out the schedule and it actually started last weekend.  Yikes!  I guess running a marathon to kick off your marathon training is not the worst idea ever.   Due to the fact I am recovering, plus getting over being sick, I pushed my start back a couple of weeks.

The best part about this race?  Mike and Jasper will get to be at the finish!!  I am sure I will have lots of posts about the training.  After this one the next goal is to break my ancient PR.  I better get some rest….sounds like I will be busy.


3 thoughts on “Up next…”

  1. Sounds like a great race with some awesome views. Spent some time in Estes Park and just loved the little town and great views. Looking forward to hearing how the training goes!

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