Not a lot is really going on here lately.  The last 2 weeks have been dominated by bronchitis and a sinus infection.   My running is just in survival mode.  Mark and I ran 13 before work this morning, and I for the first time since the marathon I felt like I had some energy.   Jasper is over his bout with RSV, but has decided to change up his wake up time, so we are working on that issue.   I still try to fit a million things into every day, and I am still trying to learn not to.  Mike has some out of town time coming up this weekend, and then more in a couple of weeks.   I am DETERMINED to get all my workouts in, I just can’t do them all when I want to, but I WILL make this work.  I am trying to learn to be flexible.

I have about a million ideas for running blog posts, but they seem to fizzle out when I go to type them out.  I can’t imagine being a writer and dealing with this when it’s your job. I just don’t care and move onto to the next thing I need to do.  Some ideas have been a rant about how silly I think barefoot running is, a post on how I’ve declared myself a reformed ultra runner, and a post about all the running podcasts I listen to maybe help some of y’all out with something to listen to if you are out on a long run alone.  I’ve decided on that one, but it will take me a while to link it all….so coming soon. 

Ok, my lunch break is over soon and I need to find more to eat, and I also swore to myself I would close my door and do my core exercises.  Yes, I am that crazy.


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