Here Chickie, chickie…

Jasper naps…so I can type.

We are solo this weekend.  Mike is out of town.  He is now out of town fairly regularly, and playing single parent is hard.  Real single parents probably don’t complain and manage to get a lot more done than I do.   Even if Mike is gone all day, it’s nice to look forward to a little time in the evening when he can be the primary entertainer for a bit.  Not so when it’s just me.  I try to remember it won’t be this hard forever.  There will be a time he can play a little on his own, at least long enough for me to wash my hair in the shower (didn’t happen today).  Today was just a little extra challenging.  He’s been getting up really early and woke at 445.  It was too cold to take him for a run, so we played in the house until Target opened at 800 when I went to pick up some stuff.  It was a little sad to be right at their door at 800, and the only one in the store not stocking items on shelves.  We will head out for a run a bit when he wakes up, and I think I will feel much calmer, cooler, and collected.  A bonus would be getting to wash my hair after the run, as greasy, stringy hair, and wind burn from yesterday’s 90 mile an hour head winds on our run, is not my best look.

We still manage to have a lot of fun.  I am a strong believer in taking Jasper places, and not having the grocery store, Target, and walks around our block become all that he knows.  We went to Boggy Creek Farm, which will be a much better outing when it gets a little warmer and a little more produce appears.  But for now, the chicken house provides tons of entertainment and Jasper laughed, and laughed at the chickens, since he finds them funny for some reason.  We went to BookPeople, watched some type of hula hoop festival at Whole Foods, got vegan food (thumbs up to vegan peanut butter mousse, thumbs down to vegan grains and veggies, due to gross seaweed in the mix), and managed a 6.5 mile run in insane winds.  Jasper was really good through it all.  I am counting running uphill into a headwind with the stroller as a hill workout towards the Estes Park marathon.

Ok…housework calls.  Gotta cram it all into one nap session, and then we hit the road for miles with MumMums and milk.


2 thoughts on “Here Chickie, chickie…”

  1. You have my total sympathy on the single parenting (part time) thing. My husband gets pretty busy with work but I have two grandmothers and a grandfather all very helpful and VERY close by, and yes, I realize how lucky I am.

    I hear you on the early waking. Maya is frequently up at 5:15, and although I am up then, I sure wish she would sleep until 6:30 or so.

    I can’t believe you did a jogging stroller run yesterday morning – I just had to push myself through that crazy wind, and that was hard enough. I have a few more weeks of 10k specific training leading up to the Cap10k and then I’ll be on my own running-wise form a while, so I’ll get in touch and see if we can coordinate a run.

    Enjoy the beautiful weather this afternoon!

  2. Anna…that would be great to coordinate a run together. And, I am not as crazy as this blog makes me sounds…I only ran yesterday because I had a dog and a baby both acting like cats in catnip, so I figured why not?

    Good news is, next weekend I should get some “me” time and I plan to hit the 9am Sunday yoga class. Hope to see you there.

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