Good Little Owl…

On my lunch break, so this will be quick.  The little boy ended up being so good all weekend for all of our solo time.  We ran both days, and he was just perfect.  If I keep running in the middle of the day, I actually may get a tan for the first time in years.     This photo is from a birthday party where Owl went nuts over this little push car.  So much so, that we had to leave since he was obsessing on it in a huge way.   He just wanted to run though…I’d got my runs in, now it was his turn!

I also got a couple treats when Mike got home.  He got me an entire pie from Royer’s in Round Top.  These are probably the best pies in the state.  He also let me test his new homebrew Pale Ale.  It was incredible.  Tasted more like an IPA to me, and he said it needed to age a couple more weeks, but it was good.  It lead me to the Beer Runner’s Blog.  I so need to find a way to be a beer runner to watch in 2012.  Mike said I should start my own brewing and maybe that would help, so the next beer may be a collaborative effort.

I started my real Estes Park training this week.  Hill repeats…ouch.  I am excited though, I LOVE having an event on the horizon.

Ok…work calls, gotta run.


5 thoughts on “Good Little Owl…”

  1. Glad your time alone with Jasper was so much fun while Mike was gone. Can’t wait to hug and kiss that little guy!!!

  2. He’s looking so grown up! Like a miniature real person! Adorable.
    I like the brewing idea.
    Have you run the chicago marathon? Speaking of beer and running…I heard that’s what they provide at the end.

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