We are over half way done with Mike’s week out of town.  So far I am three for three on my runs, and getting myself to work everyday.  I am not exactly breaking any speed records, pushing a stroller in the dark, but I am getting my runs.  I admit it would be impossible if I didn’t have a little flexibility at work, and I have to tell myself over and over not to feel guilty about trying to keep up my runs, when it’s pretty much the only thing for me I can do this week.    Yesterday I took Jasper to daycare early, came home, ran, had a 5 minute shower and went to work, feeling bad all day I took him in early.  Today I managed to run with him in the stroller, shower, get him to daycare and still make it to work by 900.   Plus add in packing lunches for both of us, and getting a moody border collie walked…I felt like I could do anything by the time I got to work.   So far I am calling the week a success, a word that usually doesn’t go with me.  Dumb luck, got a break maybe, but not success.  But maybe, just maybe this week is it.  We still have time for Jasper to get some virus or refuse to cooperate with a run, so it could still go to crap, but for now, I will take that things are working.

I won’t lie…it is so much easier with another person.  Single parents, military wives, or anyone who does this all the time has my respect.  People who do it with more than one kid deserve a special place in heaven.  One little boy and one moody border collie definitely have me looking forward to the weekend, when Mike gets back and I get a little break!

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