Owl in the springtime…

We survived our week of single parenthood.  I was 4 for 4 on my runs while Mike was gone (I take one weekday off running each week).   Major victory.  I had lots work out in my favor:  a little flexibility at work, weather warm enough to take the stroller out (with Owl in it), and it was actually helpful that Jasper woke up early two of the days.   Although the week did set me up to be extra excited to run sans stroller this weekend.  Mark and I met in Hyde Park to run the Scenic loop, with Stratford drive in the middle.  Stratford is a mega hill, and I needed it for the Estes Park marathon training.  Total distance ended up at 14 miles and it was a fantastic run.  We ran into Anna, who I met at yoga, and it looks like she will be joining us in the future.  It’s exciting to add an another person, because I am sure Mark is really sick of listening to me!

Two other really good things happened Saturday.  I searched the foodie sites for Austin restaurants that kids could wander in, after getting tired of going to restaurants and one of us eating while the other walked with Jasper outside the restaurant (a scenario I am sure is familiar to all parents).  I also don’t count crappy fast food, or family dining major chains as options.  Waterloo, though not spectacular food, but a nice local place, with a decent breakfast has a massive outdoor patio, with a playscape.  It was great to dine under the live oaks while Jasper ran to heart’s content.  And, they have yummy beer on tap for our next outing 🙂    The other good thing was we finally got our REI dividend and got a major shopping trip.  We’ve bought everything on our REI Visa, including all new appliances, so this was the dividend to end all dividends.  I’d been putting off getting stuff for months waiting for my chance to get it for free!   We stocked up, but it always seems to go faster than you think it will.   Still, it was fun to get fancy, comfy new gear.

I took Owl to the Nature Center today and he had a blast despite running a 101 fever all day.  He stayed healthy while Mike was out of town, but this week is starting off in jeopardy.  My fingers are crossed we will all make it to our destinations in the morning, but the reality is Owl and I may be at home tomorrow.



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