I’m so over it…

My shoes at the Vermont 100. You can see why I wouldn't want $400 orthotics in there.

It seems like every weekend at some point in our run Mark or I say “Aren’t you glad we aren’t doing a 30 mile training run?”  Or “The happy thought is we are not running  insert ultra race title here this weekend.”  I knew it would be challenging to fit in my running after Jasper was born, and really challenging to do ultras.  I worried I would never do one again.   I never kept track of my ultras but I guesstimate I did about 15.    I think at this point I can officially say I am retired, and happily so.

I’m glad I did them.  I always wanted to run a 50 miler and a 100 miler and I did that.  I met some awesome people, some of whom will be lifelong friends.  I got to run in some amazing locations.  I did things I didn’t think I could do.

Here’s why I am retiring:

1.  The time commitment.  That’s pretty obvious.  5,6, or even 7 hours out running isn’t even an option for me.

2.  My feet-sies.  When the podiatrist told me I could keep running with arthritis, he was basing it off my current fairly low running mileage of 40-50 miles a week.  That is low compared to ultrarunners or most serious marathoners.  I don’t think going up past that would do much to help my feet.  I also don’t want to destroy my orthotics (which I LOVE by the way, and wish I would have gotten years ago) any quicker that I already am.   I also cannot stub my big toes on roots, rocks, etc.  I need to preserve these ugly little feet as long as I can.

3.  26.2 is enough for me.  Running 26.2 miles as fast as I can is a huge challenge.  Why do I need more?   There is also plenty of challenge within the marathon.  Different courses, pacing, shooting for a PR, and qualifying for Boston.  Besides I love running marathons.

4.  Longevity.  Kinda goes with the whole feet thing.  Down time during and after pregnancy made me really realize I want to keep my running up my whole life.  I don’t want to face a devastating injury from over use.

5.  I have other challenges I want to do.  If I put any more time into exercise I want it to go to yoga.   I would love to build on my yoga practice and maybe even get teacher certified someday, but not anytime soon.

That’s a lot of reasons.  Ultrarunning is one of the few things I actually think I am happier without now that I have Jasper.  I still follow it like crazy since results are now almost instant online, and every ultrarunner seems to have a blog, so I know who’s, who and I know who I really like and enjoy following.  It’s nice to be at peace with giving something up.  I’ve learned to never say never, but I am very happy for now to say “I JUST run marathons!”

2 thoughts on “I’m so over it…”

  1. It must be hard to runner life before you were a runner – but the mileage you chalk up each week is pretty f-ing awesome as it is. I’m happy with 4-5 for now. Though, I’d like to hit 26.2 in the next couple of years…

  2. JUST running marathons is something people train for like crazy – that’s an accomplishment as it is!! Ultras are such a huge aspiration, and you already have those under your belt. I totally understand the time issue though. You’re going to rock it though!!

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