Here is the little boy at McKinney Falls yesterday.  I love that they have a paved hiking path that goes for a few miles.  If we are on gravel,  Jasper likes to sit down and make a dirt angel, similar to a snow angel, but a much bigger mess.  If he’s on asphalt, there’s a lot less clean up if he attmepts an angel.   I just love how green everything is right now!

I sit here at work, on my break, soooo sore.  Yesterday Mark and I met at 530, as per usual for our 8 mile danish run.   Once again, this run starts and finshes at a bakery, hence the name.   Maybe I was bummed I wasn’t running the Capital 10K, that was here yesterday, or maybe something was in the air, but after we warmed up a mile or so, we just started picking it up.   It seemed like for a very long stretch my Garmin was reading 6:59, and we weren’t talking like we normally do.  I thought, “crap, we are running this too fast”.  But, then realized, hey, if I blow up on a training run, no big deal.  Let me try and keep it up.  We finished in an hour, and had I not whined about needing a warm up mile, we would have broken an hour.  Why do I waste my time writing about such things?  Well, it’s always exciting to see the work you are putting in push a goal in the right direction.  A year ago I was doing this same run at 9 minute miles.  Sometimes I feel silly doing interval runs, and hill repeats, because who I am kidding?  I am really just a running hobbyist who has nothing in common with people who run professionally.  I am really just a jogger when you get right down to it.  So, since I did do these harder runs, it was great to actually start to reap the benefits.  Having a training partner who is pushing things doesn’t hurt either.

I may have been fine today, but I went to my Sunday yoga I always go to and the focus was on building leg strgenth.  A fast run, plus holding Warrior II for something like 5 minutes was a lot for my wimpy little self and now, once again I am super  sore on a Monday.

Ok…my 30 minute break is about over.  I dowloaded a tons of new podcasts this weekend, so maybe I will have some good new training advice soon.

Have a good week…..


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  1. Oh NO! Don’t say you are just a jogger….if you’re just a jogger, what does that make me?!? Stop putting yourself down. You’re an amazing RUNNER. I envy your skills. 🙂

  2. Hey Julie…I guess I call myself a jogger to remember at the end of the day not to take it to seriously. Thanks for the compliment….I’ve been at it since I was 15 and I’ve had many years to build up. Now, I can say that I’ve never ridden a horse though! See, we all have our talents. Oh, and you amaze me that you whip up cupcakes like it’s nothing…

  3. Wow, that is definitely a great run!! I find that I am more sore after an hour of yoga, than I am after a hard, long run – it is humbling for sure, ha! You were at 9 minute miles?

    Hmm… so there’s hope for me… 😉

  4. Great run and great picture of Jasper. We haven’t been to McKinney Falls for years, but we should go, as I’m sure Maya would love it.

    Your recent posts are starting to scare me off from joining you guys for part of a Saturday run – I’m not sure I’ll be able to hang. Do you have a slow day? That might be best for me. I am free now, since the Cap 10k is done, so let me know when we might run together.

  5. Congrats on your Cap10! I think I found you in the results.

    Don’t be scared by our times…Sunday is the only day we really push it. Saturday is just about getting the distance in and if everyone feels good we are a little quicker, but there are plenty of Saturdays we just run along and not really worry about how long it takes. I am sure we will do our usual 530 start, but I’ll shoot you an email if you want to meet us and I’ll figure out some options if you want to shorten it at all. We’ll probably be doing 14-15.

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