Exactly one year ago. Does that kid look like he's going to have a lot of energy or what?

I should probably finish my first book in over a year tonight.  It’s sad but true.  I was in the middle of a really good Margaret Atwood book when I had Jasper.  Needless to say it was so long before I picked it back up, I had forgotten what was going on.  Then I tried to start it over from the beginning and the gaps in between my reading sessions were so great I just couldn’t follow what was going on.  I quit reading for awhile and every time I tried to pick a book back up I was just lost.  So I gave up and resigned myself to the fact that when I finally collapsed in the evenings it was ok to watch some trash tv and consider Runner’s World and various running blogs my foray into fine literature.

Mark lent me Paula Radcliffe’s autobiography and I figured it was good fluff reading and a way to become literate once again.  I really enjoyed it, but she is definitely bit of a weirdo.  Maybe all elite runners are that way.  She comes off as very nice, but uber-hypochondriac and fragile.  She is constantly getting major injuries from things like stepping on a pine cone (no joke).  I guess I’ve had my share of pitiful aches and pains….I once slept funny and actually popped a rib out of place and couldn’t take a deep breath for two days.  Yes, I actually got injured by sleeping…so maybe I am not too far off from an elite runner. Pretty much everything Paula Radcliffe eats seems to give her food poisoning before a race and she is always bumping into things then having to fly in her private physical therapist, for something like banging her knee on the coffee table.   But I did enjoy the book, and I am glad to say I’ll finish it.

Little bags of gummy bears are 75 cents in the hospital gift shop at work.  For about a week now I seem to need a bag everyday to function.  I bet Paula Radcliffe doesn’t do that.


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