I swear I get more and more pitiful.  It’s 7:45pm and I am in bed.  I put Jasper to sleep and declared my night to be over.  Ever have one of those runs that for no real reason just completely wastes you?  Yeah, me too!

Today’s run was challenging but nothing that should have exhausted me.  I felt fine on the run and enjoyed the company.  The last couple miles the soles of my feet really hurt, and I knew it was time for new shoes, but otherwise it wasn’t a big deal.  Now, I got home and Jasper immediately leaped into my sweaty arms and declined being put down until his nap.  I recognize this goes with getting to do long runs though…no time to come home and stretch, relax, etc.  I hit the door and I am on in full blown mama mode.  Once he was down for a nap I took an ice bath, stretched a little and showered.  By the time Jasper got up I felt horrible.   You know that hang-overy feeling a long run a create?   A big bottle of Nuun helped ( I am just loving that stuff).  We went and ran around at a park and then went to Austin Bakes for Japan (best bake sale ever!!!)

After Nuun, food and baked goods, I felt pretty ok.  I had a massage appt.  I am sure you are thinking that sounds awful frivolous for a mom who complains about having no time on weekends.  Well, I get a sports massage every 4-6 weeks, so it’s not that often, and to me it’s much cheaper than physical therapy for weeks for an injury, and Mike pushes me to go because he does not want to live with me again if I get injured.  Sports massages are good on your sore muscles, because you feel them breaking up knots and adhesions, but they overall kinda hurt.  I left feeling pretty wrecked again.  We took Jasper to Waterloo for dinner and he could play on the playscape, and one delicious Hefeweizen later, I was completely toasted.

So yeah, a not so big training run completely wrecked me.  Not a confidence builder.  In my defense, I feel a little like I am fighting off Owl’s minor virus he had last week that gave him a couple nights of running fever.  But I am hoping to regain some energy come morning.  Going to bed by 830 should help!

In other news, we had a couple large cardboard boxes sitting the the living room waiting for Mike to break them down.  Owl quickly declared them a tunnel, and spent every minute since crawling back and forth in the boxes and giggling.   So I guess they will live in my living room for awhile.  Hopefully I won’t be contacted to be in the Parade of Homes anytime soon.


1 thought on “Wasted…”

  1. I sympathize with you!! I not only have to sneak out for runs, but I sometimes feel like I have to sneak back IN so I can at least get a post run wipe-of-the-face.

    Hope you feel energized this morning, you certainly deserve it. 🙂

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