Did I really used to eat in restaurants without playscapes?

Jasper with his latest object of desire.

Ok, I am DEFINITELY fighting off a virus.  I am just hoping, hoping, hoping that it is done by tomorrow.  I am so burnt out on being sick and having no energy every other week.  One of these days,  I just have to become immune to every daycare germ, right?

In happier news….it was a good weekend other than feeling run down.  Anna met me this morning for the Danish loop and it was really fun to run with a new friend.  I debated going to yoga, because I just wasn’t feeling 100%, but it turned out to be a pretty good class without a ton of sweat and pain inducing vinyasas.  Lots of twist, and good stretching.   But, not long after getting home from that,  I had to admit my throat was a little sore, and I just felt achey.   We went to Terra Toys in search of a tunnel for the Owl, and they didn’t have one, but they had a little rolling color wheel toy that he completely obsessed over.  I don’t have a lot of experience with very young children so I don’t know how normal it is for these obsessions.  The Owl definitely obsesses on stuff.  So I ended up having to buy it.  We went to Phil’s Ice house for veggie burgers after that,  and I am very well versed in Austin restaurants with playscapes now.  Although, the veggie burgers were quite good there. Owl ignored the playscape and ran around with his little rolling color wheel thing.   We got home and he had to play with it in his cardboard box tunnel, and then moved onto a laundry basket, and he pretty much exhausted himself….after throwing up sour milk in his cardboard tunnel.  After he went to bed, I disposed of this tunnel, sour milk throw up and all.  Looks like a trip to the dreaded Babies R Us is in my future.

Thanks to all for nice blog comments.  I read everyone’s blogs a lot….I check multiple times a day since sitting down with my laptop is about the most exciting thing I do…I am not always good about commenting, but I do appreciate that some other runners actually found this blog, and I really enjoy reading the adventures of other runners, and mamas. Hope everyone has a good week.

6 thoughts on “Did I really used to eat in restaurants without playscapes?”

  1. I really enjoyed our run today, and hope to make it a regular thing. Lucky for me, Maya was ready to nap at 10 today instead of noon, so I got a nice nap with her. I am sorry you are fighting of a bug. I am all too familiar with the impending sore throat that I try not to acknowledge in hopes that it will move on. Emergen-C and Kombucha are my standards when I feel sickness coming on. Those plus extra sleep (seems like you are better at that part than me) often do the trick. Hope you are on the mend tomorrow!

  2. Lady, I hope you feel better soon. Feeling as though you’re fighting something off, is way more taxing than actually being sick.

    I’m sure the hot yoga helped!!!

  3. Amelia kept wanting to play with Bill’s pens and pencils, so I got her some of those markers that only write on the paper that goes with them. She didn’t care much for writing with them, but she carries two or three of them around with her everywhere. Bottom line, I think obsessing over things must be normal for this age.

    Amelia with her markers: http://www.kalahurkakiddos.com

  4. Phil’s is a good one for the little ones. Nice big playscape. And, a place you can sip on a beer while they’re running around like mad. I, actually, miss those days because now my almost 10-year old wouldn’t be caught dead on their playscape, which is sad. They grow up very fast.

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