Hot running and fancy desserts…

This is possibly the best thing I ever ate.

Mike is out, Jasper is napping, so I get my precious few minutes.  This was a fairly big training weekend, where the real “meat” of my training starts.  The runs get up long enough to take some planning and sometimes the effects of them linger throughout the day.  I had a great run on Saturday.  16 was on the schedule, which is always my “check in” distance.  Even when I ran ultra runs of 30, 50 miles, at mile 16 or so, I had my first check in with myself to see how I was feeling.  Usually this is where I start to feel the effects of running.  At this point it’s been a couple hours, and if it’s a road run I’m trying to keep a decent pace on it’s definitely enough for me to start to feel my legs talking to me.  I had the good fortune of lots of friends on this run.  Mark started with me at my house, we ran into Hyde Park and met Anna and Wesley, and ran our Danish loop.  Then I just had to run home.  It made it go by really fast.   Jodi and McKenna (sister in law and niece) were visiting this weekend, so I just wanted to run from home and keep it as simple as possible so I wasn’t cutting into family time.  I got home feeling good, but it’s been in the 70s and humid in the morning, and without a doubt, it’s time to really take good care of myself after a run, so that the rest of the day isn’t spent feeling like crap.   This means lots of electrolytes, food, and ice baths if possible.  I did my best, but I had to be out the door quickly to a garage and bake sale at Jasper’s daycare for fundraising.  Two hours outside immediately post run left me really hot and starving.

Being starving was good because we got to go out to dinner!!!  Mike’s sister stayed home with Jasper and we got to go eat.  We tried a new place that was great and had the incredible dessert pictured above:  peanut butter mousse, olive oil pound cake, candied peanuts, rosemary cookie brittle and jelly sauce.  It was awesome!!!

This morning I was pretty stiff, but managed a 7 mile recovery run, and then I went to yoga during Jasper’s morning nap.  Yoga really helped work out the stiffness, so I think I should be off to a good start this week.  Last week was pretty weak as far as fast running  goes and this week I hope to get in a couple quick runs before taking it easy a couple days, and then racing a half marathon this weekend.

I’ve got a couple training tip posts I want to work on, so hopefully someone out there will find it interesting….hopefully I’ll get something typed up this week.    Until then, I plan to chill out until the little boy wakes up and refuel with a cupcake from the daycare bakesale.

3 thoughts on “Hot running and fancy desserts…”

  1. Peanut butter MOUSSE??? Whyyyyyyyy haven’t I thought of this!?

    I really look forward to your training tip posts! I’m new to any distance over 13.1 miles, so any advice will be noted!

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