Happiness is a well executed long run…

The artist at work.

It’s officially long run time for my little fun run in June at 8000 feet.  Saturday I had 18 on the books, and it was looking like I didn’t have any takers on joining in.  I sometimes struggle with doing an entire long run when it’s solo.  I devised a route from my house with a 9 mile loop, a 5.5 mile loop, and a 3.5 mile loop with stops at my porch in between for water and GUs.  I could have probably coordinated some meet up with someone, but sometimes it’s just easier to get up early, go from home and pace it my way.    It was a good thing too…  I picked up the little boy Friday to find him with a fever of 102.8 and totally listless.  I’d never seem him look that bad, and he almost got a trip to the ER.   He threw up all over the living room, and then I got some tylenol in him, and by his bedtime his “owlness” was back.   He was running up and down the hallway screaming since he is one of those kids who can’t move without screaming at the same time.  It was a relief, but I still felt better knowing I would be running by the house every hour or so.

The run went well.  The first 9 miles were in the dark on a hilly loop.  They flew by and before I knew it, I was home for the next part.  I got a get, grabbed a new water bottle and got Pancake to do the next loop with me.  It flew by too.  I got home and it was a mere cakewalk to the end.  The last chunk wasn’t too bad.  I got home and slammed a chocolate milk and threw on dry clothes and played with Jasper until his nap.  Then I did a cold soak and showered, and ended up feeling good all day.  My feet bothered me some.  My arthritis doesn’t hurt, but my joints will swell and then rub on my shoes some.  This happened on this run, so I was ready to kick those shoes off when I was done, and I hope next week’s 20 isn’t so rough on them.

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