20 miler done! Yay!

Today was my first 20 miler of this marathon training go-round.  It was a busy week as always, and Jasper had a night he chose to not sleep very much that almost caused me to have a nervous breakdown, and he woke up with a high fever (of 103!!!!) this morning for no apparent reason, but I managed to get the run done.  Mark met me for the first 9 mile loop, which was really helpful.  After that, I picked up Pancake and ran the next 5 and a half miles with her.  Finally I had just a short 4.5 mile loop left and I could call it a day.  Overall it went pretty good.  Last weekend was perfect, and this one wasn’t quite as fast, but it was about 115% humidity, so that could be why.  I feel pretty good, and ready to tackle the day, which is good since the Owl doesn’t like me to rest….ever.

That is really the hardest part of marathon training with a baby/ toddler.  The runs will get done.  If you are willing to get up early or go really late at night, you can fit them in.  It’s the other stuff…the stretching, the refueling, trying to shower.  I did chocolate milk again after this run, and it seems to work great for me.  Come in,  accept jumping little Owl into my sweaty arms, and slam a chocolate milk.    Here in hot, humid Texas, many of us often finish our runs and have major hangover feeling from the heat depleting everything out of us.  The chocolate milk is supposed to be an instant replacement of fluids, protein and carbs.  It’s great if things get hectic for you after a run, and it is way cheaper than making protein smoothies.  I recommend the Promised Land Midnight chocolate milk…heaven.  Anyhow, it seems to work…it’s evening now, and I don’t feel too wasted.

In Owl news, we are about 5 weeks out from our trip to Colorado.  We came very close to canceling it all this week, including my marathon.  Traveling with a hyperactive toddler seemed crazy, unless you have no choice.  We redid our itinerary and simplified it.  We are in one 2 bedroom cabin the whole time…no city hopping.  That made it seem more doable, and we are getting lots of Sesame Street to put on the ipad.  Yes, I do park Owl in front of the tv in the mornings to watch Sesame.  We would never be able to get out the door as early as we do otherwise.  I feel bad letting the tv entertain him, but sometimes you do what you have to do.    We went to a little amusement park this week, Kiddie Acres.  It really seemed like someone plopped it down 60 years ago and just left it.  The rides there really are true antiques.  Owl was a little hesitant on some of the rides, but liked the train and the airplanes.   Disneyland it ain’t…but I spent a whooping $5 and left with a happy and exhausted little boy.

Finally here are a few pics from an afternoon in the front yard with the sprinkler.


2 thoughts on “20 miler done! Yay!”

  1. Look at that big belly! You should have told me you all went to Kiddie Acres. It is so close to my house. Maybe next time. Hope you have a good rest of your weekend. Are you still going to meet up for the Triangle Farmers Market Wed and Ladies night Saturday?

  2. We are doing the crazy toddler thing here too – I’m just now catching up on your blog!!

    Great job on the 20 miler! We do the sesame street thing too – it’s the only way I’ll be able to fold laundry/put dishes away. *sigh*

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