Dreaming of sugar and caffiene…

The little boy does not seem to want me to improve my running.  As was the case this morning.  It was my speed work day…my only true one, where the run is out of my comfort zone the entire time, minus a warm up mile, so I really try to make the most of it.   Last night he decided to wake up 3 times!  He doesn’t do this too often anymore, but it always seems to be when I am really craving some sleep.  I was tired this morning.  It is amazing how much more a bad night of sleep affects me now that I am not running on the pure adrenaline I was running on for the first 9 months of his life.   I’m not trying to complain too much….I just use my little sleep to justify the purchase of a latte in the afternoon and another bag of gummy bears.

I’d also like to make a shout out to all my running friends who follow the major marathons and are fans of some of the elite runners.  In January the Olympic Trials are being held in Houston.  The marathon and half marathon are the next day.  I really think it would be fun to go, but I don’t want to go alone.  The marathon and half have some early registration deals starting next week if you qualify, and the qualifying times are fairly soft.  If anyone is interested in going and doing one of the races, let me know.  I am on the fence and if anyone is thinking of watching the trials, and then running one of the races the next day, let me know.

Ok…lunch is over, back to work and then latte break!!!!


3 thoughts on “Dreaming of sugar and caffiene…”

  1. OH man!! Bummer on the kiddo front – Isn’t it odd how kids can go from having a perfect little schedule to having it derail overnight?!

    Alas, enjoy the latte, and good luck with your speed work!!

  2. I like your Houston idea, and I’m tentatively interested…IF/WHEN (I’d much rather say when) my knees get back to normal and I feel like I’ll be able to train again. It would be fun to watch the trials, and I’d like to get a NYC marathon qualifying time and it sounds like Houston would be a good place for that.

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