Slow Down!!

Mark took the RRCA coaching certification last weekend.  I wanted to take it too, but it filled up before I could sign up.  I was indecisive for too long.  It was a whole weekend away from Jasper, and while not overly expensive, it was a lot of money for something just for personal knowledge.  I have no plans of starting a coaching business.   But, still I was interested.  Mark loved it, so maybe next time around.

But I am not so secretly hoping that Mark will use me as a guinea pig for some of his new found knowledge.   He already informed me I am running too fast.  Whoa!  Wait a minute, you are probably thinking…how in the heck can a mid pack runner, who pushes a baby jogger part of the time be too fast?  Well, according to Mark’s training, I should be doing my runs at a much slower pace to train my body to effortlessly run this pace, then kick it up, but only on some workouts.  I haven’t got all the details out of Mark yet, but as I said, I’ve dropped a million hints to him that when we train for San Antonio in the fall, I would benefit from a major kick in the butt from someone who will hold me accountable and not accept excues like “I slept 3 hours and ate cookies for dinner, so I am sucking at this run.”

There are a lot of theories about how to run faster.  The bottom line to me is, you need to do what works with your life or it won’t happen at all.  I don’t know many people who can make running their priority.  It probably seems to most of you like it is to me, and it’s not. My family is much more important, BUT, it is pretty much the only hobby I can currently do, and after spending most days for the last, 28 years, waking up and going for a run, it’s hard to pretend it isn’t at least a little important.

Got 20 miles in the morning, then a little drop back next week, before the final big push and then I get to taper for my high altitude fun run.   Got a full weekend, so you can bet I will be downing my chocolate milk after the 20.  I have to keep that little boy entertained, and we are going hiking to pick him up some things for a nature project at school.  Hopefully it won’t be 100 degrees.

Ok, work calls…again.

1 thought on “Slow Down!!”

  1. Eventually I would love to go the RRCA route. We’re Army, so doing the whole coaching thing could literally follow me wherever we go, even internationally. *sigh* one day 😉 I get chastised for running too fast as well. I KNOW my body can go a certain speed, so I want it to go that speed, all the time. That doesn’t work so well on high mileage…

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