Someone got a new Elmo doll to carry around like a newborn kitten.

   Last year I wrote a sappy post for Mother’s Day, so not this year.  I’ll focus on the really important part:  the presents.  🙂   Mike got me my first ever lululemon outfit.  If you are not familiar with this store than you either are not a woman, or you don’t do yoga.  Or both.  It’s all yoga and run stuff, and pricier than the average gear, but soooo nice.   It’s not over the top expensive, but enough that I had never bought myself anything there.  Now I have shorts, capris, a tank and socks!!!  Can I sleep in it and wear it to work too?  Now I am hooked, those Nike shorts will never seem the same.   I think Mike just created an expensive habit.  We also got a baby sitter, which we haven’t done very much at all.  We ate at Black Star Co-op, had super yummy home brews, and tried a coffee shop we had never been to for dessert, where I had Nutella crepes.   So it was a good day.  Jasper was his usual happy self all weekend, and managed not to get fevers and sleep pretty good. 

On the schedule as well this weekend was another 20 miler.  It went good, but not great.  We have officially entered the season where pace drops by about a minute without even trying.  I will look at my garmin and think I am zipping along, only to discover I am not.   Maybe it’s because it’s 78 degrees at 530 in the morning and about 90% humidity.  I always manage in the heat without problems, but I just slow down some.  Have I mentioned that Mark is a good friend?  I ran on my own Saturday to meet a group of friends, ran with them, and then was going to run back home.  Mark agreed to add on another 4 miles to his run to join me for my remaining miles, so I never had to run home alone.  This weekend I drop back a bit, and then the next is my 22 miler.   I can’t believe how fast this training cycle went, but then all I really have focused on is getting my distance in.  The real hard work will start this summer when Mark writes me a San Antonio marathon training plan to get me my 3:20.

The big news of the weekend is that Jasper started pointing to Pancake as she escapes him on the bed and saying “Gangake!”  I know baby talk, and “listen to what my kid did” stories are painful for anyone except said child’s parents.  We were excited though…..for a little boy who has been threatened with speech therapy by the pediatrician if he doesn’t rapidly increase his pretty much non-existent vocabulary, “Gangake” is a big deal.

Ok…work calls.  I’ll be chugging a latte at some point after a 3:45am wake up call from a certain someone who had a nightmare, and then collapsing into lululemon clothes the minute I get home to walk Gangake.

11 thoughts on “Gangake…”

  1. Lol. My entire blog is about “listen to what my kid did!” Not painful for everyone. The grandparents eat it up. Point — I kind of like hearing about Jasper’s adventures. Keep posting them.

    As for the Texas heat — I just finished reading that book “Born to Run.” (Most of this reading done between the hours of 3am and 5am when Baby Kalahurka #2 has been awake and kicking). Anyway, there was one statistic that really impressed me. I forget the exact number, but it basically said that the effect heat has on a runner increases disproportionally with the person’s size. That is, the bigger the person, the more effect the heat is going to have on your speed, endurance, etc. I read that and immediately felt better about all of the times that you seemed to be enjoying our summer runs when I felt like (and sometimes did) puking on your shoes :-).

    Seriuosly though, good luck on your 22-miler next weekend!


    1. Oh, I have always thought that it’s easier for smaller people in the heat. But I still slow down. I just try not to freak out about it. It’s nice to have several months of excuses. 🙂

  2. Haha!! That is awesome!! Congrats on the progress! Lululemon is just amazing. I don’t even own anything, but I know it’s amazing. I pine over basically everything they have!!

    1. Yes, I am hooked on the lululemon now. I don’t even want to run in it because I do not want to get it sweaty. We are lucky to have a store here in Austin.

  3. Missed you on Saturday. Glad you had a wonderful Mothers Day. Jasper is so cute. Gangake! Love it!! Hope to see you guys soon.

      1. My knees are getting better, thankfully. I am still being very careful and icing and my mileage is still half of what it was when I hurt them. I have not run more than 5 miles at a time since that 10 miler I ran with Wesley and Megan the day of your half marathon. 😦 I am going to build back up carefully because I REALLY want to avoid any more injury situations. Also, this weekend we are going to visit my Dad and brothers and Lake Buchanan, so I wouldn’t be able to run with you anyway. I need a bit more time to get back up to speed, and then I hope to join you again.

        I saw that the Houston marathon and half marathon early registration is open, and I considered registering for the half, but it’s pretty pricey ($105 for early registration) and involves an overnight trip to a not-so-exciting (in my opinion) city, so I think I’ll probably stick with 3M two weeks later. I really want to get a qualifying time for the NYC marathon, so I think I’ll plan to go for it at 3M, and if I miss it, then try to register for one of the other marathons around Texas in the early spring.

        Why am I writing a book here?? Hope to see you soon! Love the cutie pictures of Jasper!

  4. So fun watching them learn to talk!!!

    And would love to see what Mark has up his sleeve for you to run a 3:20…I think you can do it…would just like to know what you are doing 🙂 If I could ever shave 10 minutes off my time…

    1. Mark says the RRCA class teaches a base building and then sharpening method. You start with a huge base and add the speed work at the end. Different than what I do now for sure. 3:20 is a stretch, but I’m going to try.

      Hope you are back to running again!!!

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