It’s all in the shorts…

Let me begin by saying that in all my years of running, no one has ever told me, “you look like a runner.”, or “you look like you’re in shape.”  I admit I got a few “You look like you took your baby weight off.” comments, but that is about as close as I’ve ever come to being told I resemble someone who actually does what  I do for my hobby.

Jasper and I were at the farmer’s market this afternoon.  There is a splash pad at this location, so he was dressed super cute to play in the water ( that part really isn’t relivent…he did look cute though).  I struck up a conversation with a very nice mom who was also there with her son.  At some point in the conversation she asked me what I did for my work, and then said, “well, obviously you are in the fitness industry.”  I think I may have actually laughed out loud.  I am pretty sure I restrained myself from saying “are you kidding?  I am only here because last week I fell in love with the vegan oatmeal cream pie booth.”

But then I realized why she had made that comment.  I was wearing my new lululemon shorts.  Damn….these things are worth every penny.

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