Someone got new yardwork supplies that if removed from his hand will make him implode. Note, Gangake staying her distance in the background.

The little feral boy sleeps, so I can sit down for a couple of minutes and ignore the fact I need to be doing about 800 other things.   Vegan cookies are in the oven, and we have a very rare cool front in Texas that makes a day outside a good idea instead of potentially life threatening.

This week was a drop back week in training.  I was pleased that I was looking forward to dropping back, but I was not exhausted.  This is a good sign I am where I should be.  I feel appropriately psyched for next week’s 22 miler, not burnt out and not overly jones-ing for a long run.  So yesterday morning was a comfortable 15 miler.   I also planned yoga.  I am currently shifting my yoga schedule around to go with Jasper’s new nap schedule of one big, long nap.  It’s a win-win.  He naps, I do yoga without taking time away from him, and Mike is free to do whatever he wants around the house.

I went to Ashtanga yoga, which I have only done a handful of times.  It’s yoga for the hyper- competitive and anal retentive.   There are some things I don’t like about it, but for the most part, I like that it’s is a head to toe mega workout, and my hamstrings get worked the hardest, and as a runner, they are chronically tight.  But today I AM SORE.  I told Mark this morning it’s funny that I could probably run a marathon with no notice, may not be my best, but I could do it.  But I go to a “Fundamentals of Ashtanga” class (aka, only half the series at a slower pace…supposedly easy), and I can barely lift my arms for the next 48  hours.  I wore my new yoga clothes and felt like the biggest poser.  Actually, in Ashtanga a lot of people barely wear any clothes…hot pants for men and women seem to be the uniform, so a full set of yoga capris and tank probably screamed “Rookie!”  Not that I care, I was grateful for every little adjustment the teacher helped me with.  I’ll probably be doing this a lot more.  I had a class I’ve been going to for months that I love, but it no longer corresponds with Jasper’s nap.  I don’t think I’ll ever work up to the hot pants though…

And speaking of yoga, for  the two of you who actually read this, if you want a little something to do at home, I recommend Sage Rountree’s Yoga for Athletes DVD.    The really good things about it are that you can choose from a menu of different pose series and make your own routine, or do the prearranged one.   I really enjoy putting together my own sequence to get about a 20 minute routine in with a little core work, some IT band stretches, and the best hip stretch I know, pigeon pose.   Sage Rountree is a triathlete also, so everything in this DVD works on the areas that runners and cyclists abuse.  The DVD also gives constant reminders to get you in proper alignment.  It’s still not the same as going to a class, but it’s a nice way to get a guided stretching routine in the evenings after a hectic day.

Ok, cookies are done, the kitchen is not clean, and the little boy will probably be awake in less than an hour.    No more interwebs for me…..until he sleeps again.


2 thoughts on “Ouchtanga…”

  1. I’m going to a fundamentals of Asthtanga this afternoon. I missed yoga this weekend, so I really need it. I know my shoulders will be feeling the million vinyasas tomorrow. Maybe I can start seeing you at the Sunday Asthanga class instead of the 9am class, especially since I’m not up to running with you again yet.

    Love the picture. I need to get Maya some of those tools.

    1. I think I will be moving to the 1030 Sunday class. Jasper has switched to one big 2 hour nap starting at about 1030, so I don’t miss anytime with him if I do that class. Hopefully it will start to feel easier!!

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