Adventures in yoga…

Ashtanga? Toddler yoga? No, just a nap attack.
Jasper and I both enjoy frozen yogurt after a hard day of toddler yoga….or just about any other occasion.

Two yoga classes this week.  Sunday I went to Ashtanga again.  I had done the 22 miler the day before and had that stiff but not quite sore feeling.  The painfully difficult class combined with the hot room made me feel much better.  I think heated yoga is the way to go after a long run, but Monday I was super sore and tired.   I’m going to keep at it though…I am determined to get better at this Ashtanga stuff.

Today was toddler yoga.  We used to go to baby yoga, but Jasper got too old for it, and toddler yoga was at the same time as one of his naps.  Now that he is on one nap, we could make it.  It wasn’t exactly the most challenging yoga, and I probably could have done the same thing in my living room, including having Jasper climbing on me…but he loved it, we sing cute songs, and it’s air conditioned.  It was 100 degrees today.  Too hot for playgrounds, and so far our indoor activities consist of the children’s museum, and a nearby bouncy gym, Kid and Play (is that the best name ever or what?)  So, now we add toddler yoga to the list….and getting frozen yogurt.