Teeth, diners, and books…

Are there any other mammals that lose a set of teeth only to get another one?  Aren’t most other mammals born with their teeth?  What evolutionary purpose is served by having teeth painfully come in and break through your gums (its got to hurt, right?), only to lose those teeth later?  Jasper has a tooth that is making his life hell.  And, in return it’s throwing me some challenges as well.  Lots of lost sleep this week….LOTS.  This means lots of $4 lattes, because I feel the need to throw myself a pity party when I am sleep deprived and get expensive coffee to keep me awake at work.   And, maybe just maybe, I can blame the tooth for a crappy run today.

I got my 15 miler done, but it wasn’t pretty.  When you train for a long event, you start saying obnoxious things like “I only have to run 15 miles tomorrow.”  Since when is 15 miles a short jog?  I think most people consider anything over a mile insanely long.  I went into the run with this pompous attitude, and quickly was reminded that 76 degrees and humid at 530 am,  waking up 3 times to rock an angry little boy to sleep, and eating a light dinner the night before will make 15 miles feel like 30.  I got it done, but it was actually easier to run 22 the weekend before.

After that Jasper and I went out for breakfast, just the two of us.  We called Steve, who would have been nice to commiserate this morning’s run with, but alas, he remains in Tennessee.  I ate the vegan sausage breakfast plate, and Jasper only caused a few customers to flinch with his antics.  Super yummy breakfast, but $2.95 for a cup of regular coffee?  Ouch.  My plan was to then go to Book People and get something fluffy to read on our upcoming trip since when Jasper naps, I won’t be doing housework, and I can sit outside and enjoy the mountain air and read.   Didn’t happen though, Jasper had hit his limit.  He found a book he wanted, but blew up before I could get anything.  I love Amazon, looks like I’ll be placing an order.

One quick story and then my productivity must begin.  We saw a dad with his approx. 7 year old son as we were leaving the diner.  We exchanged greetings and the dad said they rode the train together from San Antonio and then were going to spend the day here swimming in Barton Springs.   They just looked so happy together, and I couldn’t think of a better sounding day.  Sometimes you see things that really make you feel good…

6 thoughts on “Teeth, diners, and books…”

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have an animal scientist reading your blog…because I can tell you that, yes, plenty of other animals go through teething….Of course sheep and cattle only have teeth on the bottom, so they only get half the fun. 🙂 They also have baby teeth first and then lose those and get permanent teeth. I guess momma animals just dont get to complain like we do! I feel your pain….Joseph is breaking through all 4 canines right now. I take solace in knowing that after these, we only have 4 more molars and we are DONE! Keep buying those lattes!!

    1. Oh, that is good to know that other animals go through teething….but weird. Yes, teething sucks. Everything seems fine and suddenly you have a fussy child for no reason…until you notice a tiny little speck of white poking out. Yep…a tooth. And, when I see one I know there goes sleep for the next week!

  2. Aaaaaah these pictures make him look so grown up!!! Great job on pushing through the 15 miler. That leads me to a question, I’m curious to see if you experience this – does a short run sometimes seem more physically/mentally taxing than a long run?

    I go through this every training cycle – where I can go out and have an amazing and easy 10 miler, but during the week I struggle through the short runs. So much so, that I don’t even attempt challenges [speed work, hills] because I feel like death already and couldn’t fathom any more effort.

    Just wanted to pick your brain. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!!!

    1. My guess is maybe you aren’t eating enough before your short runs? From your blog, it sounds like you run later in the day, and maybe you need more fueling. Just a guess. I pretty much always eat a banana before any run just to have a little something that digests easily in my stomach. Another guess is you may just be distracted by all the stuff you have going on during the day, and you just want to “get it over with” to get back to all the chaos that is waiting. Have you ever tried running first thing in the morning before your daughter is up? I couldn’t fit in my runs if I didn’t do it this way.

  3. Sorry he’s keeping you up, but he sure is cute. It makes up for a lot with toddlers (kind of has to I guess).

  4. Don’t fret about the $4.00 coffees, just be grateful that your generation has lattes to go to for help.
    Better than your parents numerous cups of black coffee to stay awake!!

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