Like a fine wine…

I am shoving a leftover Freebird’s veggie burrito into my face, as I am on a quick lunch break at work.  We leave tomorrow at 6am for chilly Colorado.  I think I have just about everything packed, but at this point I am too tired to care.  Anything I forgot we’ll just have to get there, so if I end up having to wear some kind of gift shop t-shirt everyday so be it.  Actually, I have one new, super cool outfit.  I got home yesterday and Mike had got me lululemon long yoga pants and a longsleeve shirt just out of the blue.  Is he awesome or what?  I know…I am spoiled.  First he agrees to let me ruin a vacation by running a marathon and then buys me an outfit I will probably never change out of for the whole trip.

I bought Mark Tim Noakes’ Lore of Running.  This is the bible for those interested in training and physiology.   And, like the good friend I am, I didn’t give it to him right away and spent a couple of nights skimming it and hopefully minimizing the cookies crumbs dropped in it by accident.  It seems to favor Mark’s RRCA coaching training of a base phase and a sharpening phase.  It also says it’s not so much your age that slows you down as your years of serious running.  If that is the case, I am have definitely had my best years behind me.  It also reviews the careers of several runners and they all seem to have in common that they only all out raced a couple of times a year.  The marathoners actually did very few marathons, and Dr Noakes says that those who are serial marathon runners really plateau their performance.  I am inclined to agree with all of this, but being that I am a hobbyist at best, I may not heed all the advice the book offers.  I did take home a few points I will adopt though:  I plan to just all out race one big one a year and the others will just be fun runs.  I plan to really stick to a recovery period after races, and have true recovery days, and I really want to stick with the whole base/ sharpening phase thing.  If you really are interested in taking a more scientific approach to training, this is the book to get. 

Ok, my burrito has been shovelled in, and lunch is over soon.  I will begin my afternoon caffeine push in a minute since the Owl was living up to his name again last night and enjoying his 2am awake time.

2 thoughts on “Like a fine wine…”

  1. Have a great run and a lovely vacation. I am jealous… Not so much about the marathon but just about going to CO. I’ve considered buying the Lore of Running and also Jack Daniels Running Formula, so it’s good to see what you think.

  2. Tim Noakes central governor theory has always fascinated me. I anticipate many extended discussions of this topic on our San Antonio training runs.

    Enjoy Colorado and good luck in your race.

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