Greetings from 7000 feet…

I’ll post tons of pictures later. But here we are at Rocky mountain national park. Traveling with Jasper this go round has been interesting. There are moments of pure joy watching run up a trail with the Rockies in the background, and other moments of cringing and thinking, “what was I thinking?”. Traveling with a toddler is hard, no doubt, and especially one who doesn’t sleep well under normal circumstances, let alone in a strange crib in a room that doesn’t get dark until after 900. So yes, lots of awake time at night. The mountains still have tons of snow. Some of our favorite trails are still under several feet of snow. We do very short hikes with Jasper, as he’s not real hip on the carrier anymore, and he prefers to walk but then does stuff like drop his brand new shoe into some rapids, which are quite robust due to a massive snow melt. The elk are everywhere, and Jasper LOVES them. We have about 600 elk photos so far. Also sighted were bighorn sheep, lots of deer, and a little rabbit living by our cabin Jasper named Bunny FooFoo.

I’ve done short little taper runs and I think I can hold my own in the elevation. I feel it some, but it seems doable. The scenery will get me through this marathon. It really is incredible here. I am lucky I get t do something like this with my family. I am thankful Mike and Jasper put up with my nonsense. And, even though it’s a big undertaking overall I am happy I can say I am sharing experiences like this with Jasper. Not everyone is fortunate enough to see a beautiful herd of elk in a meadow with a backdrop of massive snowy peaks. I can’t think of anyone I would rather share such a moment with than my family.

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