Don’t say I told you so…


Well, I’m one week into marathon recovery.  My ultrarunning friends probably laugh at such things, but I promised myself I would really watch what I was doing post marathon.  So I’ve been doing pretty easy runs since Friday.  It’s nice to be back in my routine.  I just do better all day if I get a run in the morning.  I made my return to Ashtanga yesterday, and I won’t go on and on about how awesome I think it is, since I do that all the time, but let’s just say I was super happy to be at it again.    I can’t stress enough that I feel it really helped me in this marathon.   I just feel like I “shuffle” a lot less since I started working on strengthening muscles I never really had.

Anyhow, my life continues to be exciting, as I am now like most other Americans with children and feel the need to buy massive quantities of food from a warehouse.  For years family and coworkers alike nagged me to join Costco.  I honestly just avoided it because it was yet another task in my life.  I am big on trying to minimize tasks any way possible, within reason of course.  One thing I did was just shop and one grocery store, and if I paid a little more, it was worth it for the time savings.  Well I went yesterday mainly because I wanted a giant bag of Craisins.  I put them on just about everything, and Owl started eating them too, so I was sick of running out.  Plus,  it’s so hot I was sick of being outside and wanted to do something inside.  Jasper is fairly tolerant of grocery shopping and kinda likes it at times.  So I made a go at it.  There is only slightly less involved in getting a Costco card than applying for a high level government job with major securing clearance.  Jasper was cool with shopping, but not with sitting there while we filled out tons of paperwork and had our photos taken (seriously, a photo ID to buy a tub of Goldfish crackers?)  He had a full blown tantrum, rolling on the floor, throwing his frozen yogurt.  Finally our shopping began and I now own a 5lb bag of Craisins.

Happy Father’s Day to Mike.  We have a baby sitter tonight, and get to go to a real movie theater.  Hopefully I will stay awake.


2 thoughts on “Don’t say I told you so…”

  1. Enjoy the date night!!!

    O.M.G. You will never regret your membership to Costco. I promise.

    PS – Maybe if you have a weak moment and buy the HUGE bag of Ghirardelli Squares… but even then, there will be justification and all is well with the world once again…

  2. Be sure to check out the large size almond butter (same brand that is in my stores here for $23) which sells at Costco for $5.99. We buy organic chicken breasts, and organic hamburger there also for good prices.
    They have wonderful gourmet cheese, greek yogurt , and lots of wonderful healthy foods at a fraction of the cost. I hate running to the store every few days, and Costco saves me from doing that.

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