The plan…

I suddenly find myself at the start of training for my next marathon.  It may seem soon, but keep in mind a couple months of it will be “base building”, which in theory should be pretty doable for me.  I have a tremendous talent for running slow.  I am going to copy Mark and document the whole deal here.  Why?  Well, not because I think reading about me running around my neighborhood is all that interesting, but because this is one big experiment.   I’ve never trained for a marathon with a full, real plan following it every day of the week.  I’ve never alternated short and long runs as much as this plan calls for, and I’ve never had specific pace per mile for every run.  Maybe this experiment will work, maybe it won’t.   Going for a marathon PR when my fastest days are behind me, and I am almost a masters runner is a very lofty goal, but I like having goals so there.   Plus, maybe someone else who’s training for something can learn from this plan.  Mark is a certified RRCA coach…it’s not like he just made up something that sounds good.

In addition to his plan I am adding in some trainer rides and yoga.  I rode again last night, and while I won’t be doing it every night, once or twice a week for 30min to an hour is pretty doable.  And as my friends know who get sick of hearing about it, I swear the yoga has improved how I feel in the long runs.  I don’t want to go to overboard though…spending time with family in the evenings is still priority, but after Jasper goes to bed, I am sure Mike won’t mind getting rid of me occasionally, so here goes week 1.

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