Marathon training week 1…

Our training weeks start on Saturday.  I’ll try and make these posts interesting somehow, but if they get painfully boring with me just putting a running log online, I’ll switch it up.  The picture is just wishful thinking that I was running in the mountains.

Saturday:  14 miles, 8:30 to 9:30 pace

Ran 13 at a 9:32 pace.  Before you judge me, I had severe handicapping with a stroller, a 25 pound little boy and a moody border collie.  And 95% humidity.  Given the circumstances I’ll take it.  Bought myself a new running outfit I probably don’t need after the little boy and I went out to breakfast together.  Meanwhile I’ve been wearing the same khaki pants to work for 3 years….hmm, where are my priorities?

Sunday:  7 miles, 8:30- 9:30 pace, Ashtanga yoga class

Mark and I tend to run our Sunday run fast.   Sometimes it’s the only day of the week I get company so I make the most of it.  We did 8:22 pace, but it was hot and humid and we both felt like we working.  Ashtanga was a few hours later and fantastic as always.  I will be too sore to lift my arms tomorrow.  Did anyone else follow track and field nationals or Western States 100 this weekend?  I had Jasper all day yesterday and kept sneaking glances on my iphone of both.  I had really, really wanted to run Western States at one time, but following track and field makes me really want to get fast and run a super fast 10K someday.

Monday:  8 miles 8:30-9:30 pace

Did it in 9:07 pace.  I like this plan so far in that the easy days are really easy.  I needed it.  I am sore head to toe from yoga.  I can’t imagine if I took the full Ashtanga class.  The one I go to is only 1/2 the series.  Ouch.

Tuesday:  4 miles, 7:42-8:10 pace, 20, 30 minute bike trainer ride

I was up for an hour and a half  last night with Jasper.  The bike ride did not happen.  But I cheated a little and ran a warm up mile for 5 total, but 4 at pace.  These short runs aren’t such a bad thing when sleeping doesn’t happen.

Wednesday:  10 miles, 8:30-9:30 pace

I am so glad Mark is a good friend.  He came to my house at 430.  We had a crappy night, where I really had a series of short naps…nothing that was real sleep.  I probably wouldn’t have run at all if it weren’t for him, let alone do 10.  But we did it.  8:57 pace.  I am loving base building paces.

Thursday:  4 miles, 7:42-8:30 pace

Nothing.  Uggg.  This is one of those weeks where things just aren’t going smoothly.  Maybe tonight when Jasper goes to bed.  Yeah, right.

Friday:  Did 5.3-ish.  8:38 pace, but that was with Pancake.  Oh, and probably the worst night of sleep I’ve had since Jasper was a newborn.  Maybe I should make this a sleep blog  since that’s all I ever talk about.  I was just happy to do the run.  When Jasper is still up when my alarm goes off, that is not a good sign.  I may have to start deducting my latte fund from his college fund since I have a pretty expensive habit now.

1 thought on “Marathon training week 1…”

  1. OMG. Your week makes me exhausted. Girl, you freakin’ ROCK. Congrats on the new stroller PR – 13 miles is nothing to sneeze at. 🙂

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