Hmmm, advanced math formulas? Physics to unlock the secrets of the universe? We'll never know.

This week has been frustrating in many ways.  I will  not detail it out though.  I guess deep down, nothing is that big of a deal, and while it feels like I accomplished nothing, I guess I really have.  At any rate, I am glad the weekend is coming soon, and I can “reset”, so to speak.

I plan to savor my running next week, because the next week Mike is out of town for something like 9 days.  It’s then I get my single parent wake up call of “how do people do this all the time!”  I WISH I could just take the whole week off work, as that would make things easier, but that’s not really a smart thing to do, and I would feel very silly, knowing, once again, that plenty of people are single parents, can make it to a job, and still maintain their home/ life.   I’ve thought up many scenarios to run, and before you label me OCD…you are probably a little bit right.  But, what is wrong with wanting to do your hobby that is pretty much the only time you get to yourself to decompress?  So, my options are run up and down my street with the baby monitor on curb to check every few feet that Jasper is still asleep, run with the stroller when he wakes up, but have about 15 minutes to feed him, shower, and get out the door for daycare drop off, then work, or drop him off at 7:30 when daycare opens, run, very quick shower and go into work a little later, then try and make up the lost work time at home in the evening when he goes to bed.   What would you do?

Ok work calls…..I just inhaled a massive pile of whole wheat spaghetti I brought from home.  Like that combined with 4 hours of sleep won’t put me in a coma this afternoon.

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