Let’s not do that again…

Today is the start of a new training week and called for 15 miles.   Usually no problem.  This week though I probably averaged 8 hours of sleep….for the whole week.  It was probably the worst sleep I’ve had since Jasper was a newborn.   He slept great last night though.  One short wake up at 230 and that was it.  I was a little restless because I was just waiting for the implosion that happened every other night this week, and it was hard to relax.  At one point I woke up with a bad headache, so I took a couple Tylenol and went back to sleep.  I woke up to meet Mark with a massive headache.   I figured once I ate a little bit and got moving it would go away.  No such luck.  A total craptastic run.  Every time I turned my head things went spinning and the icepick started stabbing my eyeballs again.  WTF?   We cut it down to 14 and called it a day.  I went home figuring I just needed hydration and food, and I did feel better after both.  Took Jaspy to the splash pad, got home and proceeded to developed the worst headache of my life.  I know that sounds dramatic….but it’s the truth.    I’ve never had a headache like this one.  I’d already done rounds of Tylenol with no relief, moved onto ibuprofen, and finally got desperate enough for a Rush Limbaugh special, aka Vicodin.    Thank God I had some left over from my bout of throwing my back out.  I can’t really chase an active little boy when I can’t even turn my head.  It definitely worked enough to take the edge off so I could move.  I still don’t feel normal, and I am sooooo hoping that this goes away so I can make full use of having 3 days off in a row.  Today was shot to hell.

The worst part was not taking advantage of yummy beers at a block party tonight.  I was soooo looking forward to a night of junk food and homebrew, but figured both were probably a bad idea when the room was spinning earlier.


1 thought on “Let’s not do that again…”

  1. OMG. woman!! i hope you’re feeling better. that really, really sucks. It’s crazy how our bodies react to such little sleep. Crossing my fingers you guys are able to enjoy the weekend.

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