The little pigeon…

All aboard! Yes, I know I have the ugliest coffee table in the world. Please ignore it in the background.

Today’s run called for 8 miles.    I still had migraine-y remnants when I woke up, but took some tylenol, and met up with Mark.  I warned him I had no expectations and would cut it short if I got stabbed in the head with an ice pick again.  It went well though.  I was supposed to keep at 8:30 to 9:30 pace and we did 8:46 average.   While I still feel really fuzzy headed today, the difference today was that take tylenol actually worked….so I think the headache from hell is leaving.  I cautiously went to Ashtanga, knowing postures like headstand where risky.  It went really well until the very end when I got another ice pick jab in the head, but once again, it calmed down once I got home.  I think I am getting more and more conditioned to the rigors of this class, because I didn’t feel as spent as I normally do when I got home.   The yoga highlight of the day though, was walking with Jasper on the Mueller hike and bike and watching him suddenly drop in the middle of the trail and go into pigeon pose.  He has started to mimic my stretching series I do after my runs….it was pretty funny to see him there in the middle of the trail in pigeon and watch runners just go around him like it was something you see everyday.  Sadly I did not get a picture.

I’m stacking this week pretty full of runs, knowing next week there will be no schedule, just lots of finger crossing that I can make it through a stroller run without more than a dozen stops.   Tomorrow is another 8 miles at base building pace, Tuesday is a quick 4 miler, Wednesday another 10, Thursday a quick and painful 4, Friday off, and then I should be able to squeeze in my long run before Mike leaves and we start adventures in single parenting.

Ok…Mike is at a party, the Owl sleeps, I’ve got laundry to fold on the bed and a netflix documentary queued up.  I know, talk about exciting and taking advantage of a 3 day weekend.  Well, I did manage to have an IPA  during Jasper’s bath.  The fun never ends…


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