Jasper feeds his milk addiction

Running has gone well the last couple days.   Yesterday was 8 at base pace, today was 5, 1 mile warm up, and 4 miles at sub 8 min. pace.    I feel completely fine now, but we still struggle with sleep, but that just seems to be how it goes, so no point in complaining.

My current rant is having to sign up for races so early.  Either they fill up instantly , or they start out with one price 10 months out and every month or so jack up the price again, almost forcing you to register 9 months out.  I say this because I am 99% sure I will not run San Antonio as my fall marathon.  It turns out we have company that weekend, and I just think it would be too much to try and run an all out marathon with other stuff going on.   We’ve got a little local marathon, the Frankenthon, a couple weeks earlier that I will probably do instead.  I feel bad bailing on Mark, but I know he understands that stuff just comes up.  I should still be able to use his plan as he wrote it for me.  the Frankenthon is probably not a PR course, but on the plus side I save money on travel expenses and Mike and Jasper can easily get to the finish.  I just hate spending money on races I don’t end up doing, but Mark can still get my packet, so I’ll be the proud owner of a very expensive San Antonio marathon shirt.  Just last week I signed up for a late January race because I got an email that the price was about to go up $20.  Hopefully that one will work out.  Registering for races is turning into a form of gambling.

I tested out the baby monitor on the driveway thing, and it seemed to get reception just fine, so it looks like next week I will get to run lots of circles at 5am.    Each loop I get to look and (hopefully) see Jasper’s little eyes closed and fast asleep.  I am saving all my favorite podcasts to listen to then, as I doubt this could be much more interesting than running on a treadmill.  We’ll see….it should make for an interesting experiment. 



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  1. Here is my take on entry fees from a race director perspective. For our first El Scorcho, we had no idea how many people would show up and very few folks registered until the last month (we ended up having just under 200 runners). We put the whole race on credit cards and took a leap of faith that it would work out (which, thankfully, it did, but not without a good deal of worrying). For all future races, we adopted tiered pricing. Instead of having the price jump up at some arbitrarily-selected date, the price automatically jumps up once an arbitrarily-selected number of runners signs up. For example, the first 150 people to register for El Scorcho pay the lowest price. Once 150 people are regsitered, the price goes up $10. We update our website regularly to let runners know approximately how many spots are left before a price jump. The registration price is market driven. If more people are interested in our race, then demand is higher and the price increases correspondingly. On the other hand, if only a few folks want to run, then the price stays low. Tiered pricing rewards runners for loyalty to El Scorcho and for taking the initative to commit early. I realize this doesn’t alleviate any of your pain, but it sure makes life easier on a race director knowing how many people are going to be there and not having to dip into a savings account to finance a race. Also, since adopting tiered pricing, we have sold out every year. We limit the run to 550 entrants. Adios!

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