The week started out rough with bad sleep, and me having an anxiety attack over how I was going to manage to run, get Jasper off to daycare, and not get fired from my job next week.  As the week went on things settled down.  Jasper seems to have found a groove very consistently waking up at 1100 and going back down around midnight.  So I go to bed between 900 and 1000, have a little nap, and then get a nice 4-5 hour stretch after he goes back down.  It is actually much better than 2 wake ups with 2 2-3 hour stretches of sleep.  No wake ups is a dream come true, but as I have to keep telling myself, I have NO control over if Jasper wakes up (the pediatrician says otherwise, “let him cry!”, easier said then done when sleep deprivation is part of life).  I managed all my runs this week, minus one:  I had a 10 miler on Wednesday, and I overslept a bit and had to cut it to 8.5.  But, I hit all my times, did a full yoga DVD, and rode my bike this am, so I was happy with how the week ended up.  Tomorrow is 15 miles with Mark at 5am, and Ashtanga.  Normally I would not do both on the same day, but since the rest of week is a crap shoot for running or just about anything for that matter, I’ll do what I can now.

Jasper starts swimming lessons this weekend, and I am sure it will be super adorable. He has them until the end of the summer, so that’s one less activity I need to think up each day.  We also have plans to stock up on lots of food so I won’t have to juggle going to the store next week during my home alone time.  I know, my weekends are just too exciting for words.  I’ve got a couple of ideas for “real” running posts (thanks, Derek!), I’ll work on this weekend.  I’m at work right now, and it’s time to punch back in….so more later!


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