Still loopy…

2 more loopy runs down.  Yesterday’s was just about guaranteed to happen.  The Owl woke up at 345, crying.  It took me until 430 to get him back down.  If I wanted to run, I just had to stay up.  345 wake up was a bummer, but it all but guaranteed he would sleep until 630.  So at 500 I headed out armed with This American Life fired up, and got in 6.5 miles…which translates to over 30 loops.  Yikes!  Got in and had time for stretching and a cup of coffee.   Yay!    Last night Owl slept though the night (Go Owl!!!), so I knew I needed to get going early to assure I got the run in.  I had Ultrarunner podcast fired up, and got in 7 miles.   I finished just as Jasper was waking up.  I only have one more loopy run, and then I have the option of running with the stroller over the weekend, or another loopy run.  As long as I have a podcast I like, it’s very doable.   Don’t get me wrong, I will be happy when I get to hit the roads again (I probably ran about 40 loops this am), but it beats not running every time Mike leaves.

I am feeling like a complete butt today, as I am off, but Jasper is at daycare right now.  I never put him in daycare if I am off, but I needed a morning.  This week has been good…challenging but good.  But I definitely notice not having Mike’s help around.  Just simple things like making dinner and really hard by myself when Jasper is launching himself off the couch continuously.  So I’ve eaten a lot of salads this week.  I needed to go to the store and prep some food.  I need to clean up the house a bit.   Ok, I did reward the fact I haven’t broken down into tears yet with a yoga class right after I dropped Jasper off.  I had fantasies of taking a nap too (I may be sleeping through the night, but 4am is still an early wake up), but time flys…a couple errands, and I am due to pick him up in an hour and a half…and I still need to clean.  So yeah, I should get off the interwebs.   I still have some ideas for running related posts that I really hope to get to soon…maybe tonight.

1 thought on “Still loopy…”

  1. You shouldn’t feel bad. You totally deserve a day off to get stuff done!!! It’s so hard when they get to this mobile stage to get the simplest things done. And good for you for getting your runs in!! I need to do a 4 miler in the morning and I’m already dreading getting up. Should already be in bed….need to stop typing now…

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