These feet are keeping their shoes…

The sun is barely coming up, as Jasper greets me post loopy run

Did my last loopy run of the week today.  10K worth of loops while listening to another marathon talk.  Saw a really nice shooting star.  See, 445 am runs aren’t all that bad.  Jasper had a very brief 1230 wake up, but he had a diaper tab come loose and leak, so I attribute it to that.  Tomorrow I am riding the bike trainer and Saturday I am leaning towards doing a run with the stroller so Pancake can get a run in too.  You would think she would follow me on my loops around the block, but she just sits in the garage looking confused and refuses to go.  She’s 11 and can call the shots if she exercises or not at this point, but usually she really enjoys a run.  She must realize that running 40 loops around your block is completely nuts.

My bloggie friend Derek suggested I write about my take on the whole barefoot running craze.  I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid, as they say.  I read “Born to Run”.  I thought it was ok, but kind of made ultrarunners out to be pretty weird.  I didn’t like that.  When I ran ultras my favorite part was meeting just normal folks who fit in their running with a pretty balanced life.   I think it’s pretty wild that the book has fueled a really bizarre trend.  I just don’t see how you won’t eventually get an injury running without anything to protect your feet.  I also think the trend of the very minimal shoes in dangerous.  A very few, biologically gifted people can get away with those.  I have one friend who can wear racing flats as her training shoes, and trust me, she is very biologically gifted.  She is super fast, and I am guessing her feet must be aligned perfectly.  But I really do believe many of us need some degree of support.  My worst running injuries came when I did shoe wear testing.    Both times I got lightweight, speedster type shoes with little support, and both times I ended up with injuries:  tendonitis from one, and plantar fasciitis from another.  So now I stick with the same shoe.  Why risk it?  Sure I get tempted by the trendier, newer shoes.  But anytime I’ve strayed from the Asics 2010 series, I come back.   My advice to any new runner is always to go to a running store and get fitted for a basic moderately supportive shoe.  This usually works for 99% of runners.

Last December I saw a barefoot runner in a race on a morning that was in the low 30s.  You can’t seriously tell me that wasn’t miserable.   I guess it really  just comes down to the whole “if it works for you, then go for it” attitude.  You won’t catch me trading in my supportive and moderately priced shoes for some trendy, overpriced shoe that is supposed to replicate running in bare feet.   And, it’s not that I am immune to trends.  I recently paid  $50 for lululemon running shorts.    So, yeah, I am a sucker in other ways.   But I am keeping my shoes and orthotics.  They work for me.


2 thoughts on “These feet are keeping their shoes…”

  1. Ugh. Barefoot running. Ain’t happnin’ in this house.

    I’m afraid to buy lululemon – only because I know it’s the only stuff I’ll want from then on out… haha!

  2. I’ve been injured twice, both times trying some kind of forefoot, barefoot running technique. If you have seen my new running shoes they are full of cushioning and a joy to run in.

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