Yogurt head…


Just signed up for the Frankenthon marathon in October.   I may still have the weekend free of San Antonio, in which case I may just run SA as a fun run, or switch down to the half marathon.   So, it looks like Frankenthon is my goal race, but even that has become questionable.  I had a reality check this am on the bike trainer.  Mike has a lots of travel coming up, which means lots of weeks of running loops, which means not running scheduled workouts, which means a goal that is already a long shot may not happen.  The bottom line for me is this is all for fun anyway.   I’ll try and do what I can to run my goal time this fall, but I may just end up with two really fun marathon races, and I can live with that.  Didn’t I say not too long ago I wouldn’t do so many marathons?    Yes, I am an addict.  I am sure Mike is wondering how I managed to change one marathon into two…

The little boy was up last night with an asthma attack, so I am a little sleepy today.  I knew a week of sleep was too good to be true.  He was doing better this am, so I hesitantly sent him to school .  I am just glad tomorrow is the weekend.   What a long week!  Mike gets home tomorrow night.   Sunday morning I get a real run!  Plus, we missed him and are happy he will be back. 

Ok, my lunch is about over, and work calls.


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