Jasper goes out with a bang…

We almost had made it 8 days alone without any major issues.  Sure, it was a very challenging week, but I managed about 40 miles of running without leaving my house, I made it to work on time everyday, Pancake got a morning and evening walk everyday, and the house looked pretty decent.  I picked Jasper up from daycare Friday evening with plans to pick up some take out for dinner (side note…single parenting is a great weight loss plan, I didn’t cook real food once due to the evenings being so busy)..anyhow, they said he had just thrown up, and I found him getting cleaned up, and crying.  We went straight home and it was a downward spiral from there.  Owl couldn’t even keep down water and threw up all night…and cried….and couldn’t sleep.  At 4am, after a few hours of camping out on the sofa watching pixar movies together he fell asleep, after he managed to keep down a little water and a rice cracker.   He slept until 730 and we did a stroller run with Pancake.  I never run that late, but it felt great not to run circles around the house.  He seems to be keeping down water, so I hope we are moving in the right direction.   I did about 6 loads of laundry this morning, took the best shower of my life after being thrown up on countless times last night and using baby wipes to clean up, and had the best coffee in the world after a night of going to bed at the time I normally am getting up.

I think my plans for next weekend will involve booking a massage.   It’s been a crazy week, and the last 24 hours really was the cherry on top.  Time for a break!


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