Getting back to normal…

The little boy is MUCH better.  Stomach bugs usually seem to be a 24 hour thing, but it was a rough 24 hours.  We stayed home all day yesterday, minus a quick trip to Target for a little get well treat, and Starbucks for me since I was close to falling into a coma.    TV restrictions were thrown out the window and we watched Toy Story 3 two times…is that the best kids’ movie ever or what?   Mike’s flight was delayed a million hours, but eventually he did get home.  It was great to have him back.

Today I met Mark at 5am for a real run.  Although it was the usual Texas summer hell weather, it felt fantastic.  We did 16, and it was a lot of fun to catch up.    After the run it was time to quickly head off to Jasper’s swimming lesson.  Mike came and decided just to watch, but it kinda distracted Jasper and made him freak out a bit that Mike wasn’t in the water too, so Michael Phelps’ records will be safe for one more week.   Post swim cinnamon roll afterwards…of course.  Got home, and headed out to yoga.  I missed Ashtanga today, and went to my first Sivananda class.  It was challenging in a non-sweaty way.  I am sure I will still be quiet sore tomorrow, as it was pretty intense and the postures were challenging and held for a fairly long time.  It was good for me though.  I did things I didn’t think I could do, and when I look back to when I started going to yoga not that long ago, I did things I thought I could never do.

We also had a lot of little errands and things to do that we had to cram all into one day, and I am tired!  Mike crashed pretty early from his travel and I think I will follow his lead.  I am looking forward to this week being a little more routine for me.

Oh, and Mark and I discussed that we are terrible about strictly following our plans…more on that to come.  Right now bed is calling.   Sleep sounds incredible right now!


3 thoughts on “Getting back to normal…”

  1. You’re a superwoman. Seriously. I wish I had a fraction of your dedication, and ‘ability to juggle a million things’. So glad to hear Jasper’s feeling better!!

    1. You are too kind to say that. I really don’t have the ability to juggle a million things. Pretty much just family, work and running!

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