Test tube baby…

Jasper must have read my last blog about not being able to stick to the running schedule.  Yesterday called for 10 miles.  I was really going to do it.  Jasper had other plans though.  He woke up at 4am.  I took him with me to run to allow Mike and little more sleep, and felt slightly crazy hauling a stroller around before 5am.  There is no way he would last for 10 miles, so I settled on 7.  His latest obsession is a little plastic test tube that had bubbles in it.  He carries it everywhere, and says his only consistently used word, “bubbles.”  So it went with us on the run.  I was very careful to check that the tube remained in his hand for the whole run.  You see where this is going…we got home and the tube was gone.  I felt like I had just seen it in his hand, so I figured he couldn’t have dropped it too far back.  I retraced my steps….for 2 miles.  No luck, but I somehow managed to run a lot longer than I thought I would.  I was off work and had a day of fun stuff and some errands planned.  That was put to a halt when Jasper realized the test tube was gone and spent the next 4 hours crying.  I went to Target looking for a replacement, and my attempts at a second class test tube did not go unnoticed.  A small, emptied bubble container was hurled across the room at me.  A new little camp chair and sleeping bag set out in the living room to play with all day turned into something just to roll on and cry out for bubbles.  The only thing that could ease the pain of a lost test tube was a very long swimming session.  So much for errands.  But it worked.  Bubbles the test tube is still being regularly requested, but without the tears.

So Jasper has further encouraged me to question schedules.    My friend Anna pointed out in a comment that just being able to go out for a run is a good thing.  Agreed!  And, thanks to all for nice blog comments.  I really appreciate it, and I don’t always comment on other blogs, but I promise I keep up with everyone.

Ok, Mike and I have been watching this series on the universe on the Science channel.  I need to pay attention and not type at the same time.  Understanding things like black holes doesn’t come easy to me.  Better focus.

2 thoughts on “Test tube baby…”

  1. Oh man. I made the mistake of washing Kara’s blanket right before nap time. … Won’t do that again. Glad you got the run in!! And, black holes?? Dude, I have a hard enough time trying to wrap my brain around how LaraBars are so delicious.

  2. We still have that test tube of bubbles that Jasper gave to Amelia. She is not so attached to it (she’s currently into her Elmo doll) and so would be happy to give it back to Mr. Jasper. Also, I notice that your photos are at the Mueller pool. One of our favorite outings! Let me know if you would like to hook up there for a play date sometime!

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