Sore muscles, the depths of hell and test tubes…

At the construction exhibit at the Children's Museum
Self portrait by Jasper

I had a whole post written the other day about the benefits of massage.  I was super tight all week from many loops around the block with tight turns the week before and a killer yoga class.  My stupid work computer crashed and I lost the whole post.  I am not sure if I can recapture what I was trying to say, so I guess I should mostly move on.  But the bottom line is don’t wait until it is too late to do things like massage, and don’t feel too silly to do some home remedies.   Foam rolls are super cheap, and tennis balls even cheaper.  That tennis ball can really get a knot good.  You’ll know if you’ve got it on a deep knot you didn’t even know you had, because that sucker hurts like labor.   I am still pretty tight, but Ashtanga yoga today really, really helped.  A hot room when it’s 104 out does seem kinda gross, but it’s no joke that the heat really does allow you to get deep into a stretch.  I had not been in 2 weeks, and it was wonderful.  I still will do things like roll around a piece of round foam while we are watching a movie and have Mike say things like “it’s really distracting to try to watch a movie while you are rolling around everywhere.”   Yeah, runners are weird like that.

Anyhow another weekend similar to hell here in Texas.  This whole heat wave thing won’t get much of a reaction from us in Texas since we’ve had triple digits, high humidity and no rain since early May.  I guess that was a complaint.  Mark has declared running in such conditions ridiculous, and running a long run in it about as much fun as major dental work.  I have one little benefit of being under 5 feet tall.  It’s not that hard for me to keep hydrated, and I seem to tolerate it ok, since I just have less body surface to work with.   I am not saying it’s fun, but as one of the docs I used to work with said “it’s Texas in the summer, what can you do?”  We’ve yet to become independently wealthy and buy a summer home up in the mountains and not have to work, so I will continue to plod on.  The only good news is at least July is almost over.  Back in early June it was super depressing that conditions where so rough this year.  We only have about 2 more months left (insert sarcastic tone here).

The test tube baby has a tube again.  I went to the Children’s Museum where I got the first one that started this mess.  They were sold out of test tube bubbles.  Ahhh!!!!!  Jasper cried all week about that thing.     Jasper had given a tube to his little friend Amelia, a few weeks ago on a playdate, and Amelia graciously gave it back (thank you to her mom, Stephanie).  So Jasper has a test tube again.  Now if I can just get him to quit waking up twice a night, life would be good.

Ok…Harry Potter calls.  Time to get in bed and have my PJs on before it’s dark.  That’s how I roll….