Acceptance comes in stages

I am was off today and the morning started with a 4am wake up for an 8 miler with Mark, toddler yoga, then groceries, house work during nap,  swimming after nap, cookie and dinner making after the pool.  And I wonder why I am tired all the time…

It would appear Mark and I have both sworn off our marathon plans.  I am reverting back to what works for me, PR be damned.  I usually write out a long run schedule, and this is critical for me, and once again I did that.  But I am pretty much reverting to my one day speed run, one day mid distance, one long run and everything else is filler.  I guess when it comes right down to it I am just not a schedule and log keeping type of person.  I abandoned Daily Mile long ago and it only took me 2 weeks to screw up the Mark plan.   Quite paradoxical, as I am very type A.   We’re usually spread sheet junkies.  Not this type A.  I guess I prefer to keep it in my head and fret and obsess over it that way  🙂    By the way, I think I do a very good job coming up with a long run schedule.  I’ve done enough marathons at this point that I would stand by it, so anyone ever wanting help if you’re just starting out, let me know.

I am going to try really to watch my eating habits this training go round.  If you are one of my runner friends reading this, do you eat healthy?  I am a lot better than I used to be, but not where I want to be.  While I wasn’t ever exactly chowing on big Macs, I love me some treats.  I have a hard time turning down homemade sweets, and I love a huge breakfast.  I used to indulge in both quite a bit citing the ol’ “I ran 20 miles, I can eat whatever I want.”  Nope…unfortunately when you run for long enough your body adapts and you gain weight like everyone else does.  After I had Jasper I got serious, because for the first time in my life I had weight in double digits that needed to come off.  While I didn’t deprive myself, I made I big effort to not keep sweets in the house, so I couldn’t just nibble every night (says the girl who just made cookies).   I also am very motivated to eat healthy just by having Jasper.  I try to mimic what I feed him.   Very minimal processed foods, and if he wants a snack he gets things like a cup of blueberries.   So why am I chowing on tortilla chips and cookies when I wouldn’t let my kid do that? Exactly….huge motivator.  I still like an occasional homemade oatmeal cookie.  And, per dietician friend Meredith’s advice, I do have one day a week I just eat what I want and don’t fret.  Now this isn’t giant fast food platters, but more like good local tex mex, or a good brunch, or my fave, pub food at Black Star Co-op (and a beer!).   I guess what I am getting at is there is a fine line between being mindful and being obsessive.  I personally think there is just too much good food out there to never enjoy it….and we are super spoiled in Austin.  We have fantastic local, inexpensive restaurants.    Plus, you don’t want to be the buzzkill at the potluck, or happy hour or whatever, who refuses to eat.  For me, I am trying to trim carbs here and there, and take more giant salads for lunch.    Anyhow, stuff to think about if you run.  We don’t get a license to pig out….yeah darn.  The exception is after a race.  You should go celebrate however you want!  Oh and by the way, Jasper and Pancake are sharing a plain greek yogurt in the photos….the reason I don’t think I could go vegan.  I LOVE that stuff.

Ok…laundry calls, then Harry Potter.  Gotta get caught up so we can get a baby sitter to see the final movie!

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  1. I admit it, I need to eat better. I’ve run 5 races over a marathon and run more miles in the past 7 months than ever before, and have still gained about 7 pounds in 2011. Yep, I need to get serious about my eating! 😦

  2. Whenever I would ramp up my training (years 2003-2008) I would gain weight. 2009 was the the first time in my life that I didn’t gain weight while ramping up my training- by watching what I eat like a hawk.

    Explain- why are you abandoning the plan Mark had for you?

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