Stefanie S asked me why I was tossing my lovely marathon plan Mark wrote for me out.  Well, to clarify, I am not getting rid of it entirely.   As my boss always says at work, “this is a guideline, not a policy.”  So I am using it as a guideline.  I am keeping the practice of a base phase and then a sharpening phase with quicker paces.  I kept a lot of the long runs.  I like that the paces are in a range, so a slightly off day doesn’t become a disaster and I can still hit a workout.  I am ditching some of the 10 mile pre work runs, and some of the over 20 mile runs.   I also am giving myself premission to have weeks I just don’t do anything on the plan.  Like next week, when Mike is out of town, and I’ll be running circles around my block every morning.  Call me lazy, but I just don’t have it in me to do 10 miles that way.   I realized that things can be unpredictable.  I still have a lot of nights I get very little sleep, so I usually switch things around and run something easy in the morning.  I have a friend other than Mark who meets before work once in a while and I certainly do not want to turn down her company to stick to a tight schedule.    So there you go…think GUIDELINE!

Here a couple of interesting articles:

On barefoot running from a marketing perspective.  I loved this one

And…Top ten reasons exercise is bad for you.  LOTS of interesting points made here. 

Ok, gotta run.  Lunch break is short and it takes me longer to eat when my salad fills a mixing bowl.

2 thoughts on “Clarification…”

  1. So glad you’ve found something that works for you!! I can mesh/pick apart/create one master plan, but it takes about 3 or 4 different ones to get there.

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