Ok, Summer, you win…

I come  up with 2 activities a day for a hyperactive toddler.  I do this 3 days a week, which I know is nothing compared to stay at home moms, so my hat’s off to you…..but I digress.  For three months now, we’ve pretty much been limited to indoors due to triple digit temps.  There are occasional trips to the playground before noon, and now we’ve added swimming, but most of the time it’s been way too hot to stick a kid outside.  Mike is out of town and after our swimming lesson this morning, I decided I just couldn’t face the same arsenal of indoor activities for our afternoon.  I decided we’d run errands after getting a yogurt.  It was all downhill after the yogurt.  I don’t know why I can’t get it through my head that the only store Jasper can go in without causing a scene and being “that baby”…the one where you feel sorry for the mom because the kid is freaking out so bad, is the grocery store.  Anywhere else, it always ends badly.  No details needed but when two Walmart employees need to  help you get out of the store, enough said, and don’t even ask what I was doing in a Walmart…all of it is a long story.  And, with temps getting up to 107 this week….I declare Summer the winner.  I’ve tried to be positive and come up with creative, and low cost things to do indoors, with a toddler, who is probably the hardest age to entertain.   I’ve been successful for 3 months now,  but today, my energy and creativity were spent.  After the errand trip from hell, I gave in and we watched Cars.   Jasper was happy, I wasn’t in tears, and Pancake slept in her dog bed next to us.  And who says tv is bad?

Anyhow, yesterday was a 15 miler.  I ran a ways to meet up with Meghan and Frank, ran a good chunk with them and finished a couple on my own.  Not bad for a really hot morning.  Mike took Jasper on an outing so I could do Ashtanga, which is a killer after a long run.  Sleep has been atrocious this weekend, as I was up at 2:30am Saturday and never got to go back to sleep (a long story) and today I got up at 3:55 because I had to be running by 4:15 (another don’t ask) and Jasper got up at 4:45 and stayed up.   Fingers, toes, and anything else is crossed he does not do this again this week.  I really, really want to go on my loopy around the block runs.  I need that time to myself.  I did manage to ride the trainer while he napped today….don’t worry that won’t happen often.  I only could do it since I got the This American Life app, and I have every single episode at my fingertips.

Ok, time to wind down.  I plan to try to be asleep before the sun is even down to gear up for single parenting week with HyperOwl.


9 thoughts on “Ok, Summer, you win…”

  1. Oh my goodness…I so understand. Joseph thinks he needs to be outside 85% of the time, temps be damned. So I sweat ALOT. Luckily, I’m not in Texas so it isn’t triple digits all the time, but hot enough. We go to Petco and look at the fish and guinea pigs sometimes for a cheap indoor activity…cheap until Joseph tears open a bag of dog treats and starts snacking…and it’s not milk bones either…he has expensive tastes. 🙂 I hope you get your “Me” time this week. I know just how important that is!

    1. I don’t know how you come up with activities 7 days a week! I am looking forward when we can go to nature trails again, as one of Jasper’s favorite things is just to run around.

      BTW….I am dying to try your pizza recipes…sans meat 🙂 It looks awesome.

      1. I just now saw this! Sometimes I go a little crazy trying to come up with stuff! It’s not easy and sometimes, I just let him make a big old mess with some flour or something. We get pretty creative…and I don’t mind cleaning up after him.

        Yeah, my pizza recipe would be great with some veggies on top!!! I usually put banana peppers on my side, but this time I was trying to stay true to mom’s recipe. Michael would riot if I tried to serve a pizza (or any meal) with no meat!! I actually think of you when I post my recipes since you are my only vegetarian reader (that I know of). I don’t want to be all meat…all the time!

  2. When my son was between 1 and 2 years old, he would go nuts inside if there was snow on the ground (back when i lived in the mountains). I would put him in his red snowsuit and boots and off we would go outside in the dark, early evening. There were times when it was in the single digit temps, but he didn’t care. He would be out there doing a fabulous michelin man impression (those snowsuits don’t allow for much movement in a toddler) and eating snow. He would be out there for up to an hour before I was cold and ready to come it, but he would go nuts if I tried to get him to come inside, cold be damned. They’re pretty stubborn at that age. Eventually, they get older and my now 10 year old has the ability to hold up a pretty good, intelligent conversation with amazing insights. Only downside is I can’t pick him up and toss him on my hip anymore when we get out of the car to go into a store. They grow up fast. Enjoy it while you can, as crazy as that sounds to a mom with no sleep… 🙂

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! Yes, I can’t wait until we can go camping together, and do more serious outdoor stuff, but I agree they are only this little once. One day I will probably actually miss rocking him in the middle of the night watching him drift to sleep.

  3. H is “that baby” everywhere we go these days. But the heat makes it so much worse. On another topic: How about doing the Missoula Marathon next summer? I’m sure it’s pretty quaint as far as real marathons go, but it’s a great excuse to visit 🙂

    1. MIssed your blog last week. Glad it is back up. I would LOVE to go to Missoula. Heck, I would book a flight right now, but I am not as brave as you are when it comes to travel with a wild child. I am sticking to flights with no lay-overs for awhile.

  4. OH. MY. LORD. I would declare YOU the winter, holy cow. Is there a Cabela’s around you? Some have stuffed game, and a small aquarium inside. I’ve vowed that it will be our new hang out during rainy days.

    1. We do have a Cabela’s. Hello, this is Texas, we like our hunting gear! And, yes I’ve seem the stuffed game and massive aquarium. Problem is Jasper always finds something he wants in a store and when I try and put it back, a tantrum follows. So we stick to non-retail activities. Why do you think I do online shopping for stores we have here in town? 🙂

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