50 pounds…

Been enjoying this blog today (it’s about the Appalachian Trail if you didn’t click on it right away).  I read about it on RunningTimes website.  The pictures are great, and the hiker seems pretty down to earth.  My friend Melissa hiked it.  Yes, badass doesn’t even begin to describe 6 months of hiking and carrying a 50 pound pack.  A marathon is over in the blink of an eye compared to that, and even a 100 miler is nothing compared to months.   Actually, after I read how heavy the packs are, I questioned if it was for me.  Mike and I have a visit and a section hike on our bucket lists.  Guess it’s on Jasper’s too.


2 thoughts on “50 pounds…”

  1. Well, I hiked about 600 miles of it anyway (I only had 2 months to devote to the trail at the time). I’m amazed by people who do the whole thing in one long stretch– amazing! Carrying a pack safely is hard for petite people like us. The general rule is to carry no more than 1/3 (preferably 1/4) of your body weight. When I hiked solo, that meant no tent– mostly just food, water, socks, first aid, and a change of clothing.

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