We survived…

We managed to survive most of the week on our own during the hottest week on record here in Austin.  The hardest part was walking a moody border collie while keeping Jasper out of people’s yards, while dragging his wagon behind me, at his insistence….in 107 degrees.  I am definitely ready for summer to be over.

Did 5 days of runs in the 6.5-7 mile range, all going around my block with the baby monitor, and my favorite podcasts.   Success.  We had two really  good sleep nights, and two horrible sleep nights.   I was happy when Mike got home and I had company and help again.

So I am ready for the weekend.  Tomorrow’s run is 17 miles.  We also have a babysitter scheduled so we can see Harry Potter, yay!  Sunday is a busy day, a run, the Owl’s swimming lesson, and then Ashtanga…double yay!

I really don’t have much going on since the week was run, chaos getting us both out of the house, work, chaos getting us both fed and Owl ready for bed, clean up the fallout and by then it was my bedtime.  So I didn’t really do anything real interesting this week, but then again with this out of control summer, I don’t do a huge range of activities.  I cannot wait until I can go hiking again and take Jasper to the nature center.  At least it is August…not much longer.

I’ve got a couple run-related post ideas I hope to get out soon….so until then,  have a great weekend.



1 thought on “We survived…”

  1. Oh, girl you ROCKED this week! Way to totally own it – and to finish it with Harry Potter?? I bow down to ya. Great job!! Best of luck on the 17 miler, I hope a cold front comes through just for you!!

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