You gonna drink that?

I just couldn’t come up with any good photos for this post.  I am way overdue to take out my good camera.  It’s just that there’s not much going out anywhere scenic these days.  Yes, here comes another summer rant.  Once again, it’s very difficult to entertain a toddler in record heat.  I do it…but I am repeating a lot of the same activities.  I long for the days when we can hike again, go to playscapes without the swings burning Jasper’s legs, eat outside, since eating inside at a restaurant is really hard with him, etc, etc, etc.  I’ve been trying to really strive for the yoga principle of ridding myself of want.   Wanting summer to be over isn’t really getting me anywhere but frustrated.  On the plus side, I guess we ended up swimming a lot more this summer than I thought we would.   I signed Jasper up for another month of swimming lessons way back in the spring, and I am so glad I did.  I just have to remember these days when any thought of complaining about winter begins to enter my mind!

I tried making my first green smoothie after my long run Saturday.  Jasper’s pediatrician had suggested smoothies to sneak in some additional nutrients he probably doesn’t get in his uber-picky diet.  I used the recipe on No Meat Athlete, and it turned out really good.  I used a little apple juice, banana, greek yogurt (instead of protein powder), blueberries, coconut butter to bind it all, and a huge glob of spinach.  I swear I could not taste the spinach, but Mike says he could.  Jasper had one huge sip, and then rejected it.   I really love the post run chocolate milk for its simplicity, but I will be slipping these smoothies in the rotation.  I pretty much always have all the ingredients, minus the juice, but I can try and keep a little on hand.  My next project is finding a protein powder.  I may bite the bullet and get the super pricey Vega brand that everyone raves about, but it’s hard to justify a post run drink that costs as much as a new running outfit.

The weekend has been a blur of  a long run, 2 days of water activities with the Owl, Ashtanga, another Costco trip (which is insane on a Saturday), a night at the movies (yay for babysitting!) and the usual million Owl diffusions.  I am waiting for Breaking Bad to start in a few and I plan to RELAX.  Whew!

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