A request for help from me and Jasper…

I am not a very political person, and I don’t often make requests for charity, but the famine in Somalia just breaks my heart.  As a mom, I am much more affected by this news than I was before I had Jasper.  I just cannot imagine watching my child starve to death and die.  I can’t imagine my child crying from hunger and being completely helpless to do anything.  I can’t imagine watching my child die from something 100% preventable, and I can’t imagine the desperation these mothers must feel.   I am sure all my mom friends who read this agree.  After you read this, please go a relief organization’s website a donate a few dollars.   Don’t say you will do it tomorrow….do it right away before something comes up and you forget.   Jasper and I donated through UNICEF, and it was fast and easy.

Thanks, everyone……

1 thought on “A request for help from me and Jasper…”

  1. Thanks for posting this. It’s unbelievably sad. And thanks for the kick in the butt to go do it right away, because I did and I otherwise probably would not have.

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