Look what arrived yesterday!!!

It’s not everyday I get one of these.   This is from my marathon back in June.  I thought I had at least placed in my age group, but I didn’t think I’d be getting anything.  What a nice surprise.  Actually, in the grand scheme of things, age group awards do seem a little silly.  It’s not like I won the race.   They don’t have age groups in the Olympics…you just compete against who is there regardless of age.  But, I guess there’s that little kid in us all that enjoys winning something, no matter how we come by it.

Mike was out of town for half of the week and Jasper and managed to make it through his minor stomach ailment, a killer wasp in the house, and the 50th day straight of 105 degrees (or something like that).  I got in my loops around the block and rode the trainer this morning.  If I keep this up, I may consider upgrading some components on my bike to something made this decade. 

Coming up this weekend…17 miler, Walnut Creek trail run!, swimming lessons, Ashtanga yoga, and a carnival at Jasper’s daycare.  Whew!


3 thoughts on “Look what arrived yesterday!!!”

  1. Great job on your age group award. Even more impressive, running outside when the temperature is above 100, I have no idea how you do that! Also, thanks for adding me to your Mommy blog section! We do have lots in common and I love reading your blog for that reason. I especially enjoy going back in your blogs to when your little one was younger and seeing how you did things and some of the challenges you faced with him. There’s such a supportive blogging/running/mommy community out there, I really appreciate you reaching out and the encouragement, since in real life I don’t know any running mamas!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. And to clarify I do not run in the 100 degree heat! I run very early and while it’s still hot it’s not 100 yet. I enjoy following your blog too now that I know about it!

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