Please vote for me!!!!!

Rick Perry isn’t the only one from Texas who wants your votes.  I do too!!  I have applied to be on Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk.   I love helping people with their running, especially new runners and I would love a platform to be heard a little more than this blog allows.  Plus, I actually use chocolate milk, and it’s something I  feel good about promoting.  You can vote once a day from now until September 15th.  So if all two of you that read this set a reminder on your phone to  vote everyday, that will really add up.  If I make it on the team I’ll get a grant and you can read all about what I would do with it and vote for me by going here.  Please spread the word to any of your friends and family that you think would like to see me as a part of Team Refuel.  It looks like there are some really cool athletes on the team from different sports, pros, and normal folks like myself.  Thanks so much for helping me get out there to help others by giving me your vote.

7 thoughts on “Please vote for me!!!!!”

  1. You got my vote! Anyone who will run in the grass, up Manor road, in drizzly 50 degree weather, early in the morning and shortly after having a baby is certainly qualified.

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