Keep ’em coming…

Jasper eats about 6 different foods total (yes, he’s picky), and one of them is Babybel cheese, so imagine his joy when the shopping cart rolled over to this!

I am super flattered and very thankful that so many of you voted for me for Team Refuel.  If I get on the team it’s probably due to all of Mike’s campaigning for me and to the disc golf gang for their votes.  Please vote multiple days, because I think that is the only way I can get on the team.  You can vote everyday, and I am guessing everyone who applied is having their friends and family vote everyday.  Thanks again!

I am super excited that in a couple of weeks Jasper will start gymnastics!  We had been going to occasional toddler yoga, and he does swimming once a week.  He does a lot better in the swimming class since it is shorter than yoga and structured.  The gymnastics class sounds pretty structured so I think he will do great with it.  I can’t wait to see his little tumbles he’s going to learn how to do.  It’s a pretty big commitment as it goes until December, but I think he will enjoy it so much.

After Mark and I had our fantastic Walnut Creek run, I admit I started thinking of doing a 50K.  It’s no more training than I do now, and there are a few nearby 50Ks that are not on extreme terrain and wouldn’t require the timesuck that is running on the greenbelt.  It wouldn’t be until the spring, but I do like having something on my calendar to keep me motivated.  More to come.

Ok, I hear noise from Jasper’s room and I still have housework to do before his nap is over, so time for me to get a move on….


3 thoughts on “Keep ’em coming…”

  1. I thought of you today….we went to the YMCA to work out and they had a ton of Babybel samples up front. I thought, “I wonder if I could grab a bunch and mail them to Clea.” Ha! Oh and I voted for you today!

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