Hope is in the air…

Exactly one year ago at Rocky Mt National Park

It is always so crazy to look back at photos from a year ago.   Jasper was already wearing Halloween gear, so I guess I am behind this year since I haven’t gotten him any yet.

I was spoiled this week with 3 days of having a running partner.  On Thursday, Mark and I ran at 430 am since I had to be at work by 630 (not my favorite start time since I leave without seeing Jasper).  Anyhow, Mark swears there was the slightest hint of fall in the air.  Not sure if I agree, since today was 107!  BUT, there is hope in the air.  It’s mid-August.  We are down to about a month to go before it gets better.  It’s been a tough summer with entertaining a toddler in extreme heat and Mike taking 3 big trips out of town.    I am looking forward to fall races, and there are a ton in the area.  I could race every weekend if I chose to.

I have some upcoming training challenges though.  We have an out of town trip in September for a long weekend, and then the first week of October Mike leaves for 10 days.  Not ideal marathon training.  The Owl has declared jihad on his stroller, so the only way I will manage to run is a lot of loops around the block early in the morning…praying none of my neighbors are up and see me running circles, holding my iphone while I listen to podcasts on the speaker since the humidity here is so high ear buds will not work after 30 minutes of running.    I don’t mind it so much, you do what you have to do, and it’s less  painful than a treadmill.   The bad news is I signed up for a half marathon while Mike will be gone that starts so close to my house I can walk to it…kinda a no brainer to do it, right?  And, when I signed up, it looked like October was totally free from any type of obligations.   I may bite the bullet and see if one of our baby sitting sources would want to cover for that one.  I really was looking forward to trying for a fast one on my stomping grounds.    So yeah, a few more barriers to running a speedy fall marathon get thrown my way…but in the big picture these are small things and I seem to do just fine running circles and riding my trainer in the garage at night.  I may have to open a gym in my house if this keeps up.

Got a full weekend including surviving the heat and avoiding the crowds for tax free retail weekend.  Not like Jasper lets me go shopping anyways without some kind of massive incident.  I seem to have a touch of a stomach bug and a sore throat, which I am praying remains just a touch, so we’ll see how the workouts go this weekend.

Thanks again for the votes for my spot on Team Refuel, and keep ’em coming.  I have a couple of ideas for blog posts that are more interesting than rehashing my week and complaining about the Texas heat…so hopefully I have something entertaining soon!


2 thoughts on “Hope is in the air…”

  1. Girl, you are such an inspiration, for real!! Hope you feel better soon, maybe it’s just a fluke of weird allergens in the air. Keep it up, lady! Recruit that babysitter!! You’ll only be gone for about an hour anyway 😉

  2. I still remember the evening my boy declared jihad on the baby jogger and demanded that I stop. He jumped out and ran the rest of the way home (about a mile…). I only got a few more runs with him in the jogger before that chapter closed.

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