Time flies…

Jasper does not crave pizza crust like I do

I had a half day off and child free today.  Through a series of events, starting Sept 1, we only are paying for four days of daycare.  This means while I have my day off, it’s not flexible at all.  It’s always Wednesday and Jasper will always be with me.    I will lose the ability to do my appts without a wild little boy and without missing work.  But the savings of not paying for the day of daycare I hardly ever used is quite remarkable.  So, since I will not have the chance again,  Jasper went to daycare while I am off work.  I got up at 430, ran, came home got ready, got Jasper ready for daycare, went to an awesome yoga class that made me realize how pitiful my core strength really is,  got groceries, mailed a package, got home and put groceries away and cleaned house, and now I have to get Jasper in 30 minutes to make a playdate.  Uh, what on earth was I thinking that I would do all this and go to lunch and shopping too?   And take a nap.  Yeah, right.  Time always flies when you don’t want it too.

On the running front, it turns out I am officially out for the San Antonio marathon.  Anyone want my number?    It would have been fun, but I suppose that is the risk when you sign up for something months in advance….stuff comes up.   I’ve been puttering around as per usual this week…but a little slower.  I’ve still got a minor cold that is slowing me down some.  For about 24 hours this week,  I entertained a plan that I was doing the Pike’s Peak Ascent next summer.  I started a training plan, and even figured out access to a treadmill for the steep grade training.  Mike gently  eased me back into reality, reminding me that a big undertaking type of run is neither fun nor entertaining for him and the Owl.  He’s right.  Local races it is.  So, I am really looking forward to the fall racing season.    Emphasis on fall…..as it looks like there is no  hope of a day dipping under 100 for the rest of August.

OK…off to get the little boy.  The rest of the week looks like a slight dial back week for running, avoiding the heat this weekend, and studying every night for my certification exam.  Yeah….the excitement is just killing me too….Oh, and thank you for all your Team Refuel votes, but PLEASE keep voting.  I have no chance of getting on the team unless my friends and family vote everyday.  Thank you!!!!!!


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